Hi I have a budget of around Rs.7 lakh and I want to buy a petrol sedan as I dont cross 1500km/month. Should I go for the Hyundai Verna 1.4 or the Honda City 1.5 base variant? Is there any other car that I should give a thought to?

13 thoughts on “Best petrol sedan under Rs.7 lakh?

  1. buddy, close ur eyes &go with Honda City. Best Petrol Sedan of its class. Or else also look out for Fiat Linea. Looks cool, ride &handling is gr8 &right nw gr8 offers too goin on.

  2. Honda city Corporate edition is much better than fluidic verna,City feels better in terms of comfort on all 5 seats,better refined petrol engine but only lacks features

  3. I agree with all the comments above, with the price cuts now city is the best, also if u wanna keep it for long time,see if u can buy it within this year as dealers are giving discounts this time of the year as ppl dnt prefer buying cars at end of year,cos waiting a month gives the tag of a next year model, hence bettr resale value in future.

  4. @ Farhan: Black looks good on City, so does white, and that maroonish colour, dnt know its exact name, the red wine kinda colour.. And I guess it wont make much diffrence when you buy, cos I just saw ad in todays paper that Skoda is giving 70,00 off on Laura till 31st dec. Considering a similar or even 50k discount on City, I guess that much would be the depreciation or price diffrence between a 2011 n 2012 model when you go to sell it… so its your judgment now… :)

  5. ‎@rahul i guess the colour name is Red pearl.. yes but i don’t think city will be having any discount offer for the new year as its facelift has been recently launched..

  6. @ Farhan: You are right, honda may not be willing to give another discount when the prices have just been cut.. And yes, black looks best on City, it makes it look a segment higher in my opinion, especially in night. :)

  7. If its features that you are looking for the Verna is packed to the tee but the Honda City still scores in terms of ride and handling. You may also consider the Fiat Linea, Volkswagen Vento, Skoda Rapid etc. However since you are looking for a petrol sedan the you can’t really go wrong with any of these cars!

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