Hi, I have a Swift ZXi. Anyone knows the ideal tyre pressure for Swift ZXi? Is there any reliable site that gives the tyre pressures of different manufacturers? Also, the tyre pressures on front and back tyres are the same or different?

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  1. The tyre pressure of the front and rear tyres should ideally be the same, especially in hatchbacks. Only in sedans and SUVs a different rear tyre pressure is recommended when carrying loads or a full complement of passengers. The ZXi has 185/65 R15 tyres, so an ideal pressure would be about 30psi all around. Check the door pillar on the driver’s door. There will be a sticker there with the recommended tyre pressures.

  2. Usually you will not need to bother, as the standard tyre pressures for every car model are written on a sheet at every petrol pump. But they may also do it from memory, and make a mistake. So its better to know the exact tyre pressure and tell him to follow it. Usually they will do it on their own.

  3. Just go to the nearest petrol pump. The guy filling air will take care of it, they have a board with all the pressures. I think it’s 30 or 31 Psi for the Swift. You may also want to check in your owners manual :)

  4. Make sure that you get the tire pressure checked when the tires are cold. Air pressure in a fully warmed up tire may rise by as much as 4-5 psi. All pressures mentioned in the manual or on the door pillar are cold tire pressures.

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