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  1. Babychen Mathew answers:

    That deal sounds good to me. You have chosen two cars that are quite good – you can get Honda Jazz too more or less i the same price range on-road (maybe 10k extra for the top end, depends on city). Polo is classy, overall nothing wrong with it, and has decent build quality. All those factors also apply to the Jazz – but it has much more space and comfort. If you need extra space, then the answer is Jazz, clearly. Otherwise, its a bit difficult to choose. What do you think?

  2. Roshun Povaiah answers:

    If they are offering you a Volkswagen Polo 1.2 Highline at 7 lakhs on road for a 2011 model – you have room to bargain further. A 2012 Highline Polo is about Rs. 7.4 lakh on-road Delhi and close to Rs. 8 lakh in Bangalore and Mumbai. Which city are you in?

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    Gaurav Landge answers:

    i am from Thane -Mumbai.. should i go for 675000 is it ok or can i still pull it down

  4. Profile photo of Gaurav Landge
    Gaurav Landge answers:

    and what about servicing and spare parts…..

  5. Shreyans Jain answers:

    Service and spares: advantage Honda. This is VW’s Achilles’s heel. Jazz has better resale value as well.

  6. Roshun Povaiah answers:

    You can try bargaining further. But also consider what Shreyans said – VW parts are more expensive than Honda.

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