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    arb8078 answers:

    hi, as per my knowledge Hyundai Accent has no diesel version..it has lPETROL nd LPG version.. but the accent is very decent and sturdy as well as fuel effecient car..

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    Ashok Bishnoi answers:

    Hyundai Accent CRDI discontinue model but Hyundai Accent CRDI Desel Car Second hand available and its 75K KM running and cost around 2.5L but its discontinue model. its part easily available ???

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    Sandeep Mangat answers:

    Ashok if u want then i would suggest you to stay away from Accent CRDI. Accend CRDI had serious engine problems after 80000 Km. I witnessed couple of case. Verna will be better buy.

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    Nithish Krishnan answers:

    Yes Accent CRDi have some issues after 50-60K Kms…It depends on how the car is maintained by the previous owner, u may consider one if it is well maintained with an odo reading of below 40K kms..The 1.5L 3 cyl. CRDi engine of Accent is a gem which offers good level of perfrmance & decent mileage…. n yea Verna 1.4CRDi is a very capable car and covers most needs like space, comfort and economy… u can surely consider it without a second thought… but remember, prefer a well maintained one only… Regards :)

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    Siddhartha Mishra answers:

    Look for a Swift or Dzire (old shape). Also, if you have contacts in Punjab, look for a creature called Lancer Diesel. For three lakhs, you will have a reliable workhorse with you. Stay away from high mileage CRDI engines unless you have a clear service history.

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