Hi, I will be using my car only twice or thrice a month , will there be any problem with the latest diesel vehicle like Nissan sunny , Fiesta classic or Manza? Pls. advise.

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  1. Hi Murugan, model diesel engine technologies prevent cold start problem and so, whichever diesel cars you buy today in the market, you will not face any problems unless you don’t start the car for say for a really long time (6 months or more). Since you have said you will be atleast using the car twice, that is more than enough. Just ensure, the car is parked under shade, is covered properly and is free from rodents.

  2. No issues as such. Even if you are away from your car for months and months, provided you disconnect the battery. But that is not required in your case. Do remember to invest in a good car cover and put a liberal dose of naphthalene balls in the engine bay.

  3. Each time before you start the car, just ensure you check the engine once. Check coolant, oil etc and keep an eye out for bugs / rats. And if you’re starting it after a long time, don’t start and rev right away. Instead, start and let it idle for at least 3-5 minutes before you move away. And before you stop also let it idle for a minute before switching off.
    Here are some tips: http://www.consumertoq.com/diesel-engine-maintenance-tip/

  4. Anjali, most modern diesel engines easily last for 300,000kms before requiring an overhaul. You could calculate your running per year and divide that by 300,000 to get the average life of the diesel car that you plan to buy.

  5. In fact, 3lakh km is a rather conservative figure provided oils are changed on time throughout the life of the engine. My Scorpio has done 2lakh km (7 years) and the engine is in perfect condition. Innova engines are known to last for well over 4 lakh km. So have no reservations about that.

  6. With normal running in city driving on average people do between 15,000 km to 20,000 km in a year. Even if you keep that for 10 years, that’s under 2 lakh km.

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