I am a resident of Mumbai, I want to buy a sedan by the second week of April. I am planning to either buy a Honda City or a Skoda Rapid Elegance. Could you give me your views on which one would be a better choice. I should say my first choice would be Rapid. Thanks!

7 thoughts on “Honda City or Skoda Rapid Elegance?

  1. Between Honda City and Skoda Rapid, the City is clearly the better car in terms of performance, ride and handling. Honda is also known for its reliability and good service backup in India. Go for the Honda City.

  2. I will suggest City. Rock-solid reliability, and almost no maintenance other than regular service. Rapid is a good car alright, but can’t beat the bulletproof quality of the City.

  3. Thank you Aravindhan and all others…Really appreciate your comments! @Aravindhan – I am comparing Rapid bcos I am getting Rapid Elegance model in the same price of Honda City S MT. Plus Rapid has many features like Immobilizer, Airbags etc etc within the price. The other point would be with the discounts available for new models in Rapid and zero discount in City Prices.

  4. All models of the City have airbags and ABS/EBD, as well as immobilizer and rear demister. Rapid Elegance offers you a few more features – front fog lamps, remote operated boot, more features on multi-info display, etc. If you’re getting a good deal on the Rapid Elegance, go for it.

  5. Thanks Roshun. Basically I am getting Rapid Elegance in ~9 lacs and City in ~9.5 lacs. Also people tell me that Skoda service and Spare Parts are expensive and not upto the mark. Is that right?

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