I am totally confused between the new i-Gen i20 Asta and the Swift Dzire 2012 ZXi model. Please help me decide what to go for. I am going for petrol as my daily run would not be more then 10 kms. Also which car has more features please anyone can classify?


14 thoughts on “I am totally confused between new i-Gen i20 and the Swift Dzire!

  1. There’s a small difference in power specs between Swift and i20. But in normal city conditions, you won’t notice it. It’s only when driven at its extremes that this matters (faster pick up, better handling). Normally, people don’t drive like that – pushing a car to its limits. For normal daily commuting, both are good.

  2. The New Dzire is basically the new Swift with a small boot. However it looks much better than the earlier Dzire and since it is essentially the new Swift it is also great to drive. The New i20 is loaded with features and looks better than the Dzire as far as I am concerned, though looks are subjective. I would suggest you opt for the new i20 :)

  3. guys i have more quest , is it worth to give more 40k for asta for just for auto headlight > start stop push button – and rear wipers ??? or sportz is better ????/

  4. No, since you get ABS and a driver’s airbag in the Sportz, it’s got adequate safety features. It also has power fold mirrors, music system with Bluetooth, alloys and rear parking camera and sensors. You’re pretty much loaded enough with features (and it’s already a lot more than what competition offers). Only rear wiper is a feature I would miss and is useful, but the others not so much.

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