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  1. Babychen Mathew answers:

    Are you willing to spend a bit more? The Dzire won’t suit you because of the seating problem you mentioned.If you can spend a bit more, you have the Fiesta Classic – it is better than the Dzire in seating space and luggage space. and it is a proven car.

  2. Roshun Povaiah answers:

    What you’ve said about the Dzire is true. It is definitely going to be cramped for you. As for the Manza Quadrajet VX, it’s a good car, with a proven engine (same Fiat 1.3 multijet 90 bhp as in the SX4). However, in terms of longevity, you may not be entirely happy with service after a few years. One more car that you can consider, but will be a stretch on your budget by Rs 1 lakh is the Nissan Sunny XL diesel. It is hugely spacious and fuel efficient. The Ford Fiesta Classic as suggested by Mathew is a good bet too, but if you plan to keep it for 4-5 years, it will be too outdated by then.

  3. Profile photo of Shailendra Borade
    Shailendra Borade answers:

    @Mathew, thank you for recommendations. Yes Ford Fiesta is good car,can say a power machine..But personally i dnt like car’s shape.Then(question arise) what about Swift Dezire & Tata Manza.. Swift Dezire can’t understand why people is loving this car most, so may be that’s the thing attracting to me also… Tata Manza, not much cars on road alteast compared to Maruti cars (1 car every after 5-6 Maruti) which i feel i will be the different car owner…

  4. Profile photo of Shailendra Borade
    Shailendra Borade answers:

    @Robin,Thanks for your time & suggestion, I doubt Dezire’s Plastic quality is harder than Tata Manza(Is that true, have you noticed the same?).”you may not be entirely happy with service after a few years” does it mean to car parts after few years or Tata services for car? Nissan Sunny, I love the car, thanks for perfect car suggestion(I believe Sunny’s Car architectures must have hold Toyota Camry’s Image while developing the car). I personally like Nissan Sunny’s shape as car looks like Camry. I m fan of Toyota Camry…but there is huge drawback which Maruti & TATA dnt carry i.e Service Center of Nissan which resulted the Micra fail In market, I feel when any car company brings their Models to India they must think about service centers before launch. I am only worried about the plastic quality(If i mistaken,plz rectify me)&after sale service of TATA Manza,plz suggest the same. Robin and Mathew any Idea is TATA Manza’s shape of car will be the same for years or will be change soon.

  5. Babychen Mathew answers:

    Haven’t heard about any shape change for the Manza – but the Manza is not a hit car, so they might try to change it. About Nissan, Nissan is opening a lot of service centers and dealerships across the country, so in one year’s time, probably you will see a lot of places. One car I missed is the Etios – I personally feel the car is very basic inside, but remember that it is a Toyota, so nothing will go wrong with it. You get lots of space too. From the outside, it looks good with good colours. The problems are noise from outside due to low sound insulation. Everyone who has driven the Manza agrees that it is a good car, no one is sure about their service quality (as it has been unpredictable in the past). And the car is not old enough for us to say anything about quality of parts yet.

  6. Profile photo of Jaydev Dua
    Jaydev Dua answers:

    let me share a couple of points…. 1. manza comes with 90 ps engine where as nissan, renault and ford come with 68ps eng., i am based at gujarat and have seen tata after sales service standards, they are good, you do not feel cheated for the car care… i am not sure about other places…. plus the amount of money that you need to spend for the features offerec by manza is much less considering all the competition. further the engine being supplied by fiat, you can always be assured of quality of the same as maruti sx4 and fiat linea uses the same one although with some different mapping.

  7. Babychen Mathew answers:

    Jaydev has a valid point. Your local Tata dealer may actually be a professional. Please check with someone nearby who owns a tata car and ask about their service experience. The car by itself is very value for money, and spacious.

  8. Roshun Povaiah answers:

    I meant quality of service after a few years at Tata service centers (when suspension jobs / brake jobs or other mechanical jobs are needed). Plastic quality is pretty decent in the Manza – it has a soft touch dashboard and a plush feel. Yes, some bits like the door handles and the floor console still have some panel gaps, but these are not serious issues. Compared to the Toyota Etios interiors, the Manza is far better. Coming to engine power: Manza has a 90 bhp engine, Etios diesel is 68 bhp and Sunny diesel is 85 bhp. So between Manza and Sunny, both are pretty well equipped and similarly powered, but the Manza is cheaper.

  9. Babychen Mathew answers:

    There is another option – the Chevrolet Aveo. It will be outdated in 4 years though. But it is likely to have more space than the Dzire in the front, and a bigger boot.

  10. Roshun Povaiah answers:

    No diesel option with the Aveo.

  11. Babychen Mathew answers:

    My mistake, no diesel with Aveo! If you feel confident about manza after talking to at least one owner, then I think that’s the car for you. It is extreme value for money for sure.

  12. Profile photo of Puneet Saluja
    Puneet Saluja answers:

    I have sold my Manza in just 2 years when the car had done only 25k Kms. The suspension and the power steering had problems since the beginning. TML and TM Authorized Service centres failed to repair it after several attempts. I initially booked Dzire and when Manza got launched was deceived by it looks and features and bought it. Later I regret and sold it at a scrap price. Have re-booked the New Dzire in January and waiting for its delivery eagerly.. Moral is always go for quality and reliability which Maruti offers. Tata can only make trucks and buses…..

  13. Babychen Mathew answers:

    Thanks for that info, Puneet. have you asked other Manza owners if they have faced similar problems? Did Tata guys say anything about it – that it was common etc?

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    Shailendra Borade answers:

    Well, thanks for all your decisions & suggestions. I have to be hurry for purchasing the Diesel car as there are expectations of price rise near about 50000/- to 80000/-. I have set 95% mind on TATA Manza & remain 5% on Dezire. 1 of the major cause is, MANZA is avail too quickly compare to Dezire.I will choose white color Manza…@Punnet, thanks for u r valuable Input. I have friend who’s Manza is in showroom & he have set case against the TATA as he is got defective piece.I think he is facing problems in Manza same as u. But i will have to take risk because I do believe on luck factor.

  15. Profile photo of Shailendra Borade
    Shailendra Borade answers:

    @ Roshun & Mathew..THnaks for your support, I m looking forward te be in touch with you guys…

  16. Babychen Mathew answers:

    Good to know, shailandra :) Let us know when you get the car!

  17. Profile photo of Puneet Saluja
    Puneet Saluja answers:

    There are many other people who are facing problems with their Manza. Car drifting towards left is the common problem in most of Manza’s and the manza owner’s I know. For me Tata Motors tried n number of times to fix the steering problem but failed and then they started acting funny by saying that there is no hardness in the steering. I did not had time to file a law suite against them and hence gave up after killing my shoulders for 2 years and hence sold it. @ Shailedra : Wish you good luck…

  18. Profile photo of Shailendra Borade
    Shailendra Borade answers:

    @Mathew:- May be this Sunday(25032012) i will have delivery of my TATA Manza AURA ABS QUDRAJET…Thanks for wishes..

  19. Profile photo of Shailendra Borade
    Shailendra Borade answers:

    @Punit :- Car drifting towards left will help me to learn car drifting…If you are facing problem in Steering then it is your job to make it perfect from TATA motors & not to accept any entertaining excuses from TATA..For law suite-no comments.I hope u r shoulders r just fine after Dezire…It seems like you are purchasing Maruti Swift Dezire by crowd..take a look on given url & dnt be under Impression,If you have chosen Maruti then all is ok.. http://www.consumercomplaints.in/complaints/maruti-dzire-c247450.html http://www.indiainfoline.com/Markets/News/Maruti-to-recall-diesel-cars-over-engine-problem/5126730609 BestofLuckPuneet

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    Ashish Saini answers:

    I have a Manza Aura quadrajet .. and This much better than dezire … No problem till Now. It has gr8 comfort ride quality and power. If you are a calm and peaceful driver then go for Manza, But if u are a rash driver,going at 140-150 kmpl and a need perfect control then just go for Linea. other wise Manze has a good control till 120.

  21. Babychen Mathew answers:

    Ashish Saini, Shailendra – could you both fill out this simple form? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dEtyLUY5QVJLd1dNX1IxQmFLR3NhS2c6MQ#gid=0 It will help us a lot!

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    Ajay Chadha answers:

    Manza scores much higher both in terms of ‘look-n-feel’ and features than the new model of Swift Dezire. I would suggest you to go with Manza Quadrajet.

  23. Profile photo of Niranjan Prabhu
    Niranjan Prabhu answers:

    Why dont you look at the Nissan Sunny Diesel?

  24. Profile photo of Shrinand72
    Shrinand72 answers:

    Hey just check Mahindra Verito D6 Diesel, it’s a huge car and all your family members will enjoy the ride on the back seat, trust me on that, rest trust on Mahindra, it’s a value for money car

  25. Profile photo of Krishna Kumar Sharma
    Krishna Kumar Sharma answers:

    Hello Shailendra, Let us know about your experience with Manza after say 2 years of driving it ?

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