I want to buy an SUV or an MUV for 6 people. I drive a minimum of 1500 kms per month so I want a car with good fuel economy and safety my budget is 10-15 lakhs.

6 thoughts on “I want to buy an SUV or an MUV!

  1. You could also pick the top-end Toyota Innova V variant – it’s a comfortable MUV for up to 7 people. The Tata Aria is a good choice, if you are also looking for that ruggedness in the vehicle. The top-end Aria is loaded with features – six airbags, space for 7, Bluetooth, cruise control, GPS etc. I wouldn’t suggest the XUV, although it’s big on safety features, primarily because you want space for 6.

  2. Rudra, Force One is amazing when it comes to space. It is huge! We will have an expert review of the Force One in the next few days, so we can be sure about driving experience etc. The problem might be with safety, which Dasari was keen on….

  3. At the moment the present Force One does not have ABS or airbags. Once these features are introduced (end of this year) this will be a pretty competent vehicle.

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