I’m looking for a hatchback. Have narrowed down my search to the following cars:
1. Swift
2. Punto
3. Polo
4. i20

My monthly travel will likely be around 1000-1500/month. I need the car within one month.
Please suggest if I should buy the diesel variant or the petrol? Which car should I buy? (I guess I have already ruled out swift :P)

29 thoughts on “Maruti Suzuki Swift, Fiat Punto, Volkswagen Polo or Hyundai i20?

  1. Within one month means you can pretty much forget every diesel except the Punto. However, your running does not necessarily warrant a diesel. Among the petrols I’d say choose between the Swift and the Polo. The 1.6 Polo is one fun car. I will not recommend the i20 now as an updated model is due.

  2. You should definitely go for a diesel variant since your monthly running is high (excess of 1000 km). Among the choices you have mentioned, the Punto will be available mostly within a month. Punto is a great looking premium hatchback, has solid build quality and packs in most of the features offered by its rivals. But Fiat’s after sales service is inconsistent. So, if you can enquire about the quality of Tata/Fiat service centres in your area, go ahead buying the Punto. Other cars such as the Swift diesel, i20 diesel and Polo diesel do have waiting period of more than a month in most places across India.

  3. I beg to differ with Aravindhan a bit. I feel with 1-1.5k monthly running, a diesel is not an absolute must. Lets not forget that apart from a direct 1-1.25 lakh price difference, most of these hatches have additional discounts and schemes on their petrol variants, which are not available otherwise. So we are effectively looking at a difference of about Rs 1.5 lakh. This difference is only expected to increase post budget. Service and maintenance costs of a petrol car are also lower. Anything over 1500 km a month more or less justifies a diesel but less, its a bit tricky.

  4. You should opt for the Fiat Punto it’s available off the shelf and is a very satisfying vehicle. The Service too promises to improve in the near future. The i20 is also a nice option but the new i20 is expected to come out and if I had time on my hand I would wait for it.

  5. At max 1500 km, you can go with either one. If you are buying on EMI mostly though, diesel might save you more money. Swift is out as you need it in one month. I will rank your choices as i20, Polo and Punto. i20, because the new i20 is cming, and the current one may not be in high demand. with luck, some good discount is also possible. Polo for its build quality and style. Punto is third, because Fiat service is getting better but it varies from dealer to dealer.

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