Is i20 crdi engine giving trouble after 80, friend car cost him a lot after 80,000 km problem in turbo etc

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  1. Not a common problem. But problems with turbochargers can occur if the engine is not treated they way it should be. When a CRDi car is started in the morning, don’t rev it. Wait for about 30 seconds to a minute on idling for the oil to circulate. Similarly, before shutting down the engine, wait for 30 seconds on idle for the turbo to spool down. If this process is not followed diligently, the turbo bearing can fail, and is expensive. At 80,000 km, though isn’t the car still in extended warranty? Warranty should cover it if he had bought the extended cover.

  2. No there is no such uniform flaw with the i20 crdi, your friend was probably one of the unlucky ones. Such problems can be avoided by regularly servicing the car and taking simple precautions are Roshun has pointed out above.

  3. Hi, Am using I20 CRDi… Model 2011 June (Sportz version), clocked 81,000kms… luckly no problems till now, engine feels still good… not much tapping sound in the engine… clutch has become little hard but can be manageable. I spoke to the advisor regarding the same and he has opinion that i can drive it for another 20,000kms and then change the clutchplates. I’ve serviced the car every 10,000kms – suspension is quite good..thou the rear suspension has become little weak thou…! While driving… i make sure that whatever gear am in – it will be 1900 to 2000RPM… :)

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