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    Vikas Kaul answers:

    Not sure which SUV are you referring to

  2. Rohan Acharekar answers:

    If you mean XUV500, then it is the foolish question to ask and compare that SUV with Scorpio and TATA SAFAI. Mahindra XUV is far way ahead then the Scorpio and Safari

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    Aahnik Purshottam Nanda Choudhury answers:

    Mahindra XUV500..is one of the not so best…Problem…is XUV 500 is creating too much buzz about it’s appearance…mind you…It’s the best till now but not to that Core..according to Leaks…

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    Shubhendu Sharma answers:

    Yes the vehicle is excellent i have already got my xuv delivered and have driven it on hills as well as on extremely good highway its very comfortable for first 2 rows but the biggest disappointment is the 3rd row other than that its a great vehicle to have hell even ppl on road stop u and ask “kitna dati hai :P” personal experience on traffic junction.

  5. Profile photo of Atul
    Atul answers:

    The average as per test is no doubt commendable.

  6. Profile photo of Akshay Vinayak
    Akshay Vinayak answers:

    i am waiting fr mine on feb 15 <3

  7. Roshun Povaiah answers:

    Great to hear that Shubhendu. Looking forward to an owner review from you on CarToq. Do post when you have time. Cheers! Happy driving with the XUV.

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