Looking to buy a SUV. Mainly city driving. Advice on choice between AT and MT. Ford Endeavor or Toyota Fortuner.

6 thoughts on “Looking to buy a SUV Mainly city driving…

  1. I feel the Fortuner is better, it feels more plush and all passengers get decent comfort. In the Endeavour the middle row passengers aren’t comfy as the floor is high! Especially tall people will sit with their knees too high up, making it very uncomfortable. Fortuner also has nire features!

  2. If you’re looking at city use only and yet want a big/tall SUV – then an automatic is a good choice. The Toyota Fortuner automatic is a better choice here than the Ford Endeavour. What about other choices? There’s the Captiva Automatic, Santa Fe Automatic and Koleos too (although that’s smaller). These handle better than the Fortuner.

  3. Among the two, Toyota. But although both the Fortuner and the Endeavor look the part, they are more like trucks and are not the best vehicles for city use. I’l suggest Santa Fe, although it costs a bit more.

  4. An SUV for the city, so you do not need AWD/4wd or a ladder frame construction which your choice of vehicles currently have. You need a nice big modern vehicle with good visibility and ground clearance. I d suggest you take a look at the Santa Fe and the Renault Koleos for your needs. They should satisfy you.

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