Nissan Teana or Honda Accord? My heart is set on both these cars. I’m unable to take a decision. Please help friends!

30 thoughts on “Nissan Teana or Honda Accord?

  1. well i hv an accord v6 since almost one and a half year.. August2010 model… Its a speed demon amd i’m still in love with it… Let us knw which one you dcide finally…

  2. if u r crazy about speeds… Definite buy is accord.. None else, if buyin the v6 version u’ll love it more than nythn.. Teana is fr class nt fr racing at speeds… Its accord fr u

  3. Both the cars have same features, but there is one more thing to look at is the exterior looks. Honda Accord looks way better from any angle. I love that ride, and now Accord has got 3.0lit engine version, its awsome, I will suggest you Honda Accord

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