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    Aravindhan answers:

    Vento Trendline is a fantastic car. It has a performance-oriented engine and along with its good road manners will make your highway trips, a breeze :) Go for Vento Trendline

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    Ashwani answers:

    You should also consider Fiesta Classic !

  3. Babychen Mathew answers:

    Also consider the Sunny because of its huge space. If you go on long trips, the extra space will feel good.

  4. Shreyans Jain answers:

    for highway use, go for vento. the hyunadis are a bit unstable at speed

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    Muzammil Husain Suri answers:

    i also like vento but what about vw after sale services and spare costs of vento

  6. Babychen Mathew answers:

    Vento is slightly more expensive spare-partswise – but remember that you are not going to need any new spare parts for a long time!

  7. Shreyans Jain answers:

    Yeah. Vento is definitely more expensive on the service front. Availability of certain spares may also be an issue. But very little chance of you needing any for quite a few years.

  8. Shreyans Jain answers:

    You can also consider the Skoda Rapid TDi Active and save 40k over the mechanically identical Vento Trendline. Skoda’s suspension is a bit stiffer too.

  9. Profile photo of Puneet Singh
    Puneet Singh answers:

    skoda rapid tdi ambition costs smthin around 8 lakhs(onroad)

  10. Profile photo of Jignesh Patel
    Jignesh Patel answers:

    Fiat linea Dynamic

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