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    journeyman answers:

    Hyundai Verna Fliudic is the best one to get arounf that budget and powerful engine is a boon on that car
    But for a decent drive and decent features Vento TDI is best

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    Arun_Tharayil_Unnikrishnan answers:

    if you need features then go for verna or fiesta …but i dont prefer ford tdci much n verna has some waiting period …. rapid has all the much needed features ie the essential ones only as well as an awesome ride handling and quality .

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    Mayank Mittal answers:

    fiat linea fits perfectly in ur criteria take a look at it after 3rd jan
    ride quality is a bench mark in d segment n has a small waiting period too.

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    Pramod Gowda answers:

    Skoda rapid

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    Vinamra Jain answers:

    According to me production of hyundai verna is stooped due to case by honda !!

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    Arun_Tharayil_Unnikrishnan answers:

    it aint “stooped” get ur facts right before you comment 😐

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    Chinmay Naik answers:

    opt for the fiesta if you’re driving yourself

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    Basil Paul answers:

    vento tdi highline

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    Prabhsimran Singh Kalsi answers:

    suggest me a good diesel sedan car

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    Viplav Deshpande answers:

    Rapid. Its the Vento under the skin but with the flaws of the Vento ironed out.

  11. Rohan Acharekar answers:

    Hyundai Verna fluidic is the best in everything, others are standerd and Ford fiesta titanium is bit ugly from behind. Skoda Rapid and VW Vento looks like twin brothers

  12. Profile photo of Ashwani
    Ashwani answers:

    All are more or less good… now go with Verna or Fiesta if wants a sporty bit.. go for Vento or Rapid if likes simple and classy things 😀 And If wants both, go for Fiesta, as it would never become a street car like Verna…

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