Thinking about a premium hatch. Polo TDI Highline or i20 Asta CRDI?

4 thoughts on “Thinking about a premium hatch Polo TDI Highline…

  1. The i20 is new, fresh, has more features and is a great package overall. However the Polo still is a solidly built car. I would suggest you go for the i20 if you are looking for a feature rich, spacious and easy to maintain vehicle. If you want a solid car and want the VW brand name then opt for the Polo, it’s still a practical no frills car.

  2. if u want Brand Value,Build Quality,Superior Ride and Handling go for polo….if u want power,lot of gizmos and proven service go for i20… i will love to have a polo anyday… it is overpriced in India.. Still gives u that special status out on road….

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