What do you guys think Maruti Suzuki Etriga will compete with or it doesn’t as it is creating a new segment?

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  1. The Maruti Suzuki Ertiga is a great value for money car. We drove the petrol Ertiga with Maruti Suzuki’s new 1.4 litre engine and it was a breeze. It’ll likely shake up the entire market all cars between Rs.5.89 lakh and Rs.8.45 lakh is under direct threat. It does create an all new segment and we can hope to see more such niche segments in India in the future.

  2. The pricing means that the Ertiga is an alternative to every car in that price range. It is in most ways a car – so you can think about it as an alternative to cars ranging from Dzire, SX4, verna, Sunny, verito, linea and vento… etc etc. Say you want a reliable car, with the freedom to occasionally take 7 people, or put a lot of luggage inside – then it will make sense to even sedan buyers! There are families buying the Innova for its space – they can consider it too.

  3. I think they should introduce an automatic because with such a size inside the compact roads and cities in India it would be too hectic to drive in rush hours

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