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  1. Roshun Povaiah answers:

    It’s not actually fair to compare the Ertiga to the Innova or the Xylo, as they are quite differently built. Look at the Ertiga as a car with two extra seats, and that’s exactly what it is. It’s built on the Swift platform, and drives like a car. You can seat a couple of extra people when you want, and otherwise you get plenty of luggage space. So it’ actually a flexible car, not exactly an MPV like the Xylo and Innova.In terms of mileage, the Ertiga beats both the Xylo and Innova.

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    Rishabh P Nair answers:

    Simply considering the amount of money you will save the Ertiga makes more sense. The Innova and Xylo have more space but the Ertiga handles like a car as it is not a traditional MPV. In fact the Ertiga’s seating is very flexible and for the most part you will not have any trouble. The only downside is with all seats occupied you can’t really carry much luggage.

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    Devdath Narayan answers:

    Depends on your requirement. If you need a car with room for 4 adults and 2 children, the Ertiga it is. If you need a full blown 7 seater MUV, you can buy the Innova or the Xylo depending on your liking and budget. If money is not a concern, the Innova it is, or else the Xylo.

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