Which is a better car? The Maruti Suzuki Swift or the Tata Indica Vista?

6 thoughts on “Maruti Suzuki Swift or Indica Vista?

  1. Well if you are looking for an comfortable hatch for all 4-5 occupants and need extra features for the money you plonk Tata Vista is very good to purchase.
    But Tata lags behind A.S.S when compared to Maruti,but truly VFM.Mileage would be around 18-20kmpl.

    And if you want a good driving experience and sporty hatch where you can omit good space and dull dashboard and wait for months together Swift is the way to go.Expect swifts mileage >20kmpl but Swift demands premium than Vista.
    What’s your budget?

  2. a simple answer, if u love driving with performance &gud handling dn swift is ur choice. &if u want a comfortable(for 5 people) with gr8 ride quality &lots of feature for ur bucks dn Vista is car for u.

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