which sun control film is good and cheap for i20 all sides?

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  1. Good and cheap = Garware. Go for NF lite which gives 40% heat rejection with 99% UV rejection and is priced around 3.5k. I am using it on my Scorpio. It is 100% legal and the visibility % is printed on the film itself, so you will not have any problem in places like Chandigarh

  2. Llumar and 3M are other medium budget films that you can opt for. Stick with above 50% visibility for side windows to stay legal. Delhi may soon have a problem after the recent supreme court ruling on films – prosecutions will increase.

  3. Abhinav: Roshun and Shreyans have already answered your question I’d just like to add that you should keep in mind the fact that anything that allows less than 70% visibility i.e. more than 30% tint is illegal.

  4. thnx everyone ….please tell me about whether to install sun film control on rear glass having defogger on it….. and about front glass my car has rain sensing wiper in it….

  5. I want to make one thing very clear. We live in a tropical country. No legal sunfilm is gonna be able to prevent your car from getting hot if you park it under the sun for a few hours, even if you go in for films which claim 99% heat rejection and cost 50k. Sunfilms are basically for UV protection. Actual thermal insulation…. I wish. So do not get caught with this % heat rejection game. Go for any branded film which claims 35-45% heat rejection. Of which, Garware is definitely the cheapest. And do not expect them to do any magic. There is a reason we have ACs installed in cars and not high %rejection sunfilms. As for your query, you can go ahead and have them installed over the front and rear glass provided visibility is no less than 70%, as required by law.

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