Ford claims the Figo diesel offers an unbelievable 32.38 kmpl, which obviously gets buyers attention. This figure, however, was based on a “mileage run” conducted by an automotive magazine while the real ARAI certified figures for the Figo diesel are closer to 20 kmpl. Ford does not specify this data on its site.

CarToq, therefore, asked its community members who have experienced, owned or driven the Ford Figo diesel as to what they see the Figo’s real-world city driving conditions fuel economy as. This would include normal everyday use of the car in a mixed setting of traffic, good roads and regular commuting, with proper use of AC and normal driving speeds.


Ford Figo diesel mileage poll

15-17 kmpl: 321

13-15 kmpl: 322

17-19 kmpl: 579

Total votes 1222.

Out of the 1,222 members who voted on the Ford Figo mileage poll, a majority 47.38% or 579 members said that the Figo diesel returned a fuel economy of between 17-19 kmpl in real-world driving conditions. The votes were equally split among the rest of the members with 322 saying it gave between 13-15 kmpl, and 321 saying it returned 15-17 kmpl. This variation in the vote is seen because of votes coming in from different cities, with more crowded cities reporting lower averages.

How does the Figo compare with Swift & i20?

CarToq had carried out a similar poll among community members earlier on two other of the largest selling cars in the premium hatchback space as well – the Maruti Swift and the Hyundai i20. It’s interesting to see these results also in perspective with the Figo.

maruti swift modded photo

Maruti Swift diesel mileage poll

15-17 kmpl: 285

13-15 kmpl: 292

17-19 kmpl: 670

Total votes 1247

The Maruti Swift diesel polled a total of 1247 votes from CarToq community members, with the majority 53.7% of the vote going to show that the Swift diesel returns between 17-19 kmpl in city driving conditions. The Swift’s claimed mileage is 23 kmpl. The rest of the vote was again evenly split between 13-15 kmpl and 15-17 kmpl, although there were a few more votes for the lower mileage range. Also read: Ford Figo vs Maruti Swift


Hyundai i20 front right ext

Hyundai i20 diesel mileage poll

15-17 kmpl: 354

13-15 kmpl: 302

17-19 kmpl: 288

Total votes 944


The poll of the Hyundai i20 diesel’s mileage got a total of 944 votes of which, the majority 37.5% of the votes for the Hyundai i20 diesel’s mileage was for 15-17 kmpl, a range lower than the Figo and the Swift. The next set of votes went for an even lower range of 13-15 kmpl, while only 288 members claimed it gave between 17-19 kmpl. Also read: New Ford Figo vs Hyundai i20

These figures are plausible as the i20 has a 1.4 litre diesel engine that puts out 90 bhp of power, while the Ford Figo’s 1.4 litre diesel engine is tuned of economy, putting out only 68 bhp of power. The Swift has a 1.3 litre diesel engine putting out 74 bhp of power, compromising between economy and power.

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  1. Profile photo of Karthik Dhananjayan
    Karthik Dhananjayan answers:

    on high ways my figo gives around 25-27 kmpl

  2. Profile photo of sadhasivam21
    sadhasivam21 answers:

    can i know the secret of the mileage

  3. Profile photo of Karthik Dhananjayan
    Karthik Dhananjayan answers:

    just drive constantly on 80kmph. without use clutch and brake. if u want to slow put to neutral and roll it, then apply brakes slowly to reduce the speed.

  4. Profile photo of sadhasivam21
    sadhasivam21 answers:

    thats nice. what about in city

  5. Profile photo of sadhasivam21
    sadhasivam21 answers:

    can you tell me the mileage of your car in city

  6. Profile photo of Karthik Dhananjayan
    Karthik Dhananjayan answers:

    15-17 and on highways 22.

  7. Profile photo of sadhasivam21
    sadhasivam21 answers:

    i get 12 to 12 in city 16 -17 on highways

  8. Issac Maez answers:

    I just want to say I am beginner to blogs and honestly enjoyed you’re website. Almost certainly I’m want to bookmark your website . You actually have fantastic article content. Thanks for revealing your blog.

  9. Profile photo of Enrich Plus
    Enrich Plus answers:

    why such a different range of mileages ? shall we say it is “Mileagabatic” like diabetic…

  10. Profile photo of shinoj
    shinoj answers:

    Mileage can be aachieved by shifting gears as per speed. For eg. In first gear touch a speed of 10 instead of 15 or 20 and so on. Slowly accelerate to achieve speed

  11. Profile photo of get4abhi
    get4abhi answers:

    m getting 11.1 after 4500 kms..pathetic

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