If you’ve just bought a Renault Duster and are not too happy with its bland looks or want it to stand out against the dozens of other Renault Dusters plying the road, here’s what you can do. Take your car and give it to DC Design (directly, or through Carnation), and the company will modify it for you, turning it into a super luxury vehicle for just Rs. 3.49 lakh. 

Intrigued as to what all Dilip Chhabria has modified on the Renault Duster? Here is a look at what the company has done for a client. First, up the front look has been done quite tastefully, and not overboard, which is what some of DC’s previous designs had been. The removal of the headlamps and replacing them with LED daytime running lamps and signal lamps, and extending the grille from end-to-end gives the Renault Duster a kind of “Kit from Knight Rider” look. Also read: All you wanted to know about the Renault Duster

The matt black paint job adds to the effect. The Renault Duster also gets customized 10-spoke alloy wheels. The bumper has been suitably modified to take in a pair of projector lamps that act as the headlamps for the car, since the original twin-beam headlamps have been removed. The lower air-dam remains the same as the existing Duster, and tiny fog lamps sit below the headlamps.

Although the modifications to the front look quite decent aesthetically, giving the Duster a futuristic look, they are not that practical. Removing the Duster’s excellent twin-beam headlamps and replacing them with projectors in the bumper are not really going to give you the spread and throw of light you need. But in the daytime or on city roads, those DRLs and that sleek grille look menacing. Also see: Why some common car modifications are illegal

The interiors are, of course, the talking point of this vehicle. The plastic quality was of concern in the Renault Duster, but DC has changed that and given it a high-quality look with leather and faux wood panels as well. The rear seat has been removed and replaced by two electrically adjustable recliners that are super luxurious. And then there are goodies like a pop-out TV screen, tray tables and iPad holder.

A centre console and roof console have been added with little storage spaces and ambient lighting. The seats are done up in leather upholstery. Controls for the electrical seats are on the central transmission tunnel, which looks inspired from the Rolls-Royce, Jaguar and Bentley range of cars. Of course, this makes the Renault Duster a strict, but luxurious four-seater.

Although great detail has been paid to the interior, DC could have gone a little further. Observe the rubber beading in the photo above – it looks quite out of place (literally). And then there’s the weird rear-AC blower in the centre which is a bit too high and could be a hindrance for the driver. The rear seats recline into a slumber position like a first-class airline seat. Also read: How to modify your car’s suspension

Dilip Chhabria has chosen not to do much to the rear of the vehicle other than to replace the chrome strip over the number plate with a customized DC strip. Since so much has been done on the Duster already, we wish DC did do a little more at the rear, like replacing the tail-lamps with LED units and probably extending them onto the boot lid. Also read: Performance modifications for your car under Rs. 50,000

All-in-all, this is one of DC’s more pleasing modifications. And it could be yours for Rs. 3.49 lakh (in addition to the cost of a Renault Duster). Share your thoughts on this makeover. What do you think?

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  2. Profile photo of Chandrasekhar Yanamandra
    Chandrasekhar Yanamandra answers:

    OMG!!!! is this for real????? :O

  3. Profile photo of Hari Kettavan
    Hari Kettavan answers:

    Awesome wrk. :)

  4. Lokesh answers:

    this for the first time im hearing a good review of DC designs, they are over the top senseless styling

  5. Profile photo of Saksham Jain
    Saksham Jain answers:

    classic work man awsm

  6. Profile photo of rasheenhamzath
    rasheenhamzath answers:

    Hai roshun,
    I booked my terrano 1 month b4 and will be recieving shortly. I am confused that whethr i should do ‘general insurance’ or ‘bumper to bumper’ insurance. And also suggest a superb looking alloy for nissan terrano

  7. Roshun Povaiah answers:

    The bumper-to-bumper or zero dep insurance as it’s known as will be slightly more expensive, but will cover plastics and rubber parts also 100% (otherwise you get only 50% on these). It would be better. Also as far as alloys go, the Terrano’s stock alloy that you get on the XL Plus / XV variant is the best – you do get a similar design with HR alloys as well.

  8. Profile photo of Santosh Mhaske
    Santosh Mhaske answers:

    its really OMG i want this car……

  9. Profile photo of Sangram Tawde
    Sangram Tawde answers:

    The blower is seriously a turn of. It could actually be designed as a blower cum fridge (cooler) for drinks given its huge size.

  10. Profile photo of manjuminchu
    manjuminchu answers:

    It’s amazing…..

  11. Profile photo of Monty Kadam
    Monty Kadam answers:

    sir i will definitely change my duster car in DC DESIGN DUSTER in nov 2015

  12. Profile photo of Dushyant Kumar
    Dushyant Kumar answers:

    Collllllll ……

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