The Renault Duster compact SUV had a lot going for it from the start and had roped in 6,000 bookings within five days of its launch. Now it has been reported that the Duster which is a five seater is available with two jumps seats as an add on accessory making it a seven seater!

The Duster starts at a lucrative price of Rs.7.19 lakh for the base petrol variant, Rs.7.99 lakh for the base diesel variant and Rs. 11.29 lakh for the top of the line 110 bhp diesel variant. The Duster has no direct competition as of now. However it does fall in a price range that allows people to compare it to the Mahindra Scorpio, Mahindra XUV500 and the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga. Read more: Renault Duster bookings hit the 6000 units mark


duster front right
Photo: The Duster may now find more customers thanks to the addition of Jump seats as an add on feature

So far one sore point for the Duster was the fact that it was limited to being a five seater compact SUV, while all the other SUVs/MPVs buyers were comparing it with were seven seaters. The option of installing jump seats on the Duster makes it even more attractive for people with large families.

However in terms of luggage space the Duster with jump seats will have nothing to offer and will be much like the Ertiga which loses out of most of its boot space if all seven seats are in use. Also read: Renault Duster variants and specifications explained!

Renault has addressed the issue of seating space in the Duster but there are some other obstacles in its way. The lack of dealerships and service centers too has to be addressed. Renault has 55 dealerships in India at present and is in process of opening many more.

By October 2012 the company will have 70 dealerships and this number will go up to 100 by the end of the year. Do you think the addition of jump seats has made the Duster even more attractive? Share your views in the comments section below.

14 thoughts on “Renault Duster now a 7 seater; gets two jump seats!

  1. Yes, It becomes more attractive looking at Indian mindset. I feel its a good move to offer jump seats as an accessory….which means more options for picky buyers looking for excuse to kill Duster..Cheers…V

  2. this not at all needed by Renault , c’mon lets ask our selves which 7 seater does justice ?? the Xylo is the best seven seat in term of sitting period …. but no luggage space once 3 rows are up . I have sat in the fortuner , endy last row ( I’m 5.6 ) n not worth it Now lets think why will 7 adults / people travel in car together ideal answer would be for family / friend weekend outing …where do those guys put their luggage .??? what is the frequency of such gatherings? so in all my bickering i really don’t see the need for 7 seater until n unless you are running a transport agency . Frankly the “7 seater ” is got the un-needed attention and amazingly become main point of comparo . if we so like seats , i guess the winger. ecco and versa would have topped the sales chart ….

  3. Well its a inviting gesture from renault , if you want to badge the car as family car . But for off roader or sports car enthusiast would still want a 5 seater with good space ( leg room ) for rear seats . For the top end model with the extra air blower the space is pretty cramped for middle passenger in the rear . And its good that Renault ha kept it as only an option ( i.e, only if you want to add another seat ) . It would be nice if these seats are also available in jeep seat format like that in Safari or Jeep .. so that it can be folded side wise to create luggage space … All in all a good move by Renault but Renault India please look into the rear seat leg room and space …..

  4. Seriously?!
    Jump seats as “Optional”?
    For a car that would cost more than 12 lacs, you can’t give it as standard fitment?
    And what would happen to the RTO Registration of the vehicle? would it have to be re-registered as a 7 seater, or would those 2 seats be illegal at the risk of the customer?
    These seats seem nothing more than an afterthought. And a joke.

  5. @alistair bastian, while you do have a point; one of the most common buyers of 7seaters are people in joint families- typically 4 adults and 1 or 2 kids. those seats are perfect for kids, and this makes 7 seaters perfect vehicles for travel for such families.
    And within the city, they can easily take 7 adults in relative comfort, albeit for short distances.
    I have actually managed to take 8 adults in my 9 seater Scorpio within the city, and we’ve travelled from Pune to Goa and Udaipur as 4 adults and 2 kids.
    So you see it makes the natural choice for such people who instead of having 2 cars and travelling separately, prefer to travel together.

    And yes, although such occasions may not come too often, when they do, I’m glad i bought a Scorpio instead of a sedan!

  6. there still seems to be ommissions in the Indian edition with certain fitments including the front cladding with the bull-bar as in the picture and also the electrically adjustable orvms which seem to be without side indicators and electrical folding!!!!!!!!!!

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