Skoda Auto has added two new variants of Fabia; the Fabia Scout petrol priced at Rs. 6.79 lakh and the Fabia Scout diesel priced at Rs. 8.10 lakh, ex-showroom, Delhi.

According to Skoda, the Fabia Scout targets buyers who look for distinctively individual looks and a rugged urban appeal. A press release from Skoda also states that the “Fabia Scout will be aimed at urban, self-driven individuals who are evolved and informed consumers.”

skoda fabia scout

What’s new?

The Fabia Scout comes with new features such as projector headlamps, front bumper with spoiler, rear bumper with diffuser, peripheral protective cladding, front and rear door sill trims and stainless steel pedal set. Also read: Skoda Fabia Scout to launch in India soon

The Fabia Scout retains other features of the Fabia such as dual airbags, integrated audio player, power windows, remote locking and tinted glass.


The Fabia Scout petrol is powered by a 1.2-litre petrol motor that puts out 74 Bhp of power and the Fabia Scout diesel is powered by a 1.2-litre diesel motor that puts out 74 Bhp of power. Hence, there will be no difference in the performance of the Fabia Scout when compared to the regular Fabia.

Variants and Prices

The Fabia Scout petrol is priced at Rs. 6.79 lakh, which is Rs. 34,000 more than the Fabia Elegance 1.6 petrol priced at Rs. 6.79 lakh and Rs. 74,000 dearer than the Fabia Elegance 1.2 petrol priced at Rs. 6.05 lakh. The Fabia Scout diesel is priced at Rs. 8.10 lakh, which is Rs. 85,000 more than the Fabia Elegance 1.2 TDI priced at Rs. 7.25 lakh.

Eventhough the Fabia Scout has some unique features it is significantly more expensive than the top-end variants of the regular Fabia.


It is surprising that the Skoda Fabia has no USP except for a few new features. Contrary to earlier expectations, the Fabia Scout has no mechanical edge over the Fabia. So, we feel that there won’t be many takers for the Fabia Scout. What do you think?

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  1. Profile photo of Niranjan Prabhu
    Niranjan Prabhu answers:

    Waste of time and energy. I was expecting a Rapid with no boot from the Scout. With the same 1.6 liter petrol and diesel engines. What a disappointment!

  2. Profile photo of Hrishi Acharya
    Hrishi Acharya answers:

    useless bakwass product frm skoda.

  3. Profile photo of Punkaj Saini
    Punkaj Saini answers:

    I believe Fabia itself is not doing decent numbers, then why bring out a new model with few tweaks.. specially the engine being the same 1.2

  4. Profile photo of Jeetendra Jagwani
    Jeetendra Jagwani answers:

    Its a winning strategy. The fabia was sad and never sold despite being cheapest, now comes Fabia Scout, again sad and wont sell much. Amazing match of outcomes. This could have come through a lot of strategizing, which mere mortals like us will not be able to comprehend.

  5. Profile photo of Abhinav Dubey
    Abhinav Dubey answers:

    Skoda digging its own grave..stupid pricing

  6. Profile photo of Jim Mathew
    Jim Mathew answers:

    Features are good but the engine specs are too low for a 8 lakh plus car (diesel). Punto 90HP is a better buy!

  7. Profile photo of Siddharth Menon
    Siddharth Menon answers:

    This is in reply to Mr. Niranjan Prabhu – my dear friend, a Rapid without a boot is the Skoda Fabia itself! But, yes, I must agree that Skoda should have given the option of more engines.

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