You thought seven-seater MPVs were the rage? Now check this out – the Ssangyong Korando Turismo, an eleven-seater MPV with seating in four forward facing rows. What’s more, this vehicle has the potential for India, and that view comes from none other than Mahindra chairman and managing director, Anand Mahindra. 


A couple of days ago Anand Mahindra tweeted that this vehicle has potential for India and that it would be displayed at the Paris Motor show (a later tweet corrected that to Geneva Motor show). This Korando Turismo is what will be sold as the new Rodius in Europe. Given the Indian obsession with big, brute SUVs – this MPV or MLV (multi-leisure vehicle as Ssangyong calls it) does have good potential for India, and would be lapped up by those looking for plenty of space, and enough room to carry an entire cricket team!

anand mahindra ssangyong korando turismo tweet

Forget buses and LCVs, this Korando Turismo, could open up a whole new segment in the private vehicle space. And since Mahindra now calls the shots at Ssangyong, the chances are really high. And it’s not really a gawky looking vehicle – it looks like a proper SUV, and comes with four-wheel drive. It’s much larger than even the Rexton and shares only its name with the smaller five-seater Korando. Also read: Mahindra says no Ssangyong Korando this year

The Korando Turismo is just about the size of a Ford Endeavour in length – it is 5,130 mm long, just about 70 mm longer than the Endeavour, but it is wide at 1915 mm and not that tall at 1815 mm (slightly shorter than the Endeavour in height). However, it has a long wheel base of 3,000 mm, which is just 25 mm less than the Force One’s wheelbase, and that allows for much better internal space utilization.


The seating configuration is 2+3+3+3, where the three rear rows are completely flexible. They fold flat, allowing one to transport plenty of equipment, they can half fold into tables (second and third row), so you can set up some family entertainment or a game of poker on the move, or do anything you want with it.

Going by the pictures available on Ssangyong’s site, it looks like the Korando Turismo will share a lot of its mechanical components with the Rexton, which would make for interesting price positioning in India – it could be sold alongside the Rexton at similar or slightly higher prices, and give vehicles like the Ford Endeavour and Toyota Fortuner a run for their money. We see politicians and corporate houses lapping up such a product. Also watch: Mahindra Ssangyong Rexton VIDEO review


The vehicle is going to be sold worldwide in three variants – Luxury touring (LT), Grand Touring (GT), and Royal Touring (RT), with plenty of equipment including sunroof, GPS navigation, multiple airbags, ABS, touchscreen infotainment system etc. Engine choice is likely to be a 2-litre diesel engine putting out 153 bhp of power and 360 Nm of torque, mated to a six-speed manual transmission or a five-speed automatic transmission. This vehicle also has Mercedes Benz roots, and many of its components are Mercedes sourced. Also read: Mahindra Ssangyong Rexton road test and review

Given Anand Mahindra’s interest in the vehicle, it is likely that M&M may consider bringing in this vehicle sometime next year, after its global debut later this year. In the meantime, M&M may launch the five-seater smaller Korando first. Share your thoughts on this humungous 11-seater!

16 thoughts on “Ssangyong Korando Turismo 11-seater MPV may come to India!

  1. Akash – I think you have own some shares of Mahindra rather than a car from mahindra, and you are too worried abt the future of the company. don’t give any comment unless you drive or have knowledge of mechanical part of the vehicles. Cool if you are frustrated sell out your share of mahindra.

  2. Nice little blog there Akash! Well, there are buyers of all kinds of vehicles out there. And a 11-seater, sure, why not :-) Good-looking cars has never been an M&M strong point, but they’ve got a knack of reading the market right. It will be a road hog for sure, but then so are so many other hulking SUVs and they get by (worries the heck out of parking attendants though).

  3. Mr. Sharath Gowda, I have driven all the cars that are available on the Indian market today, Except for the Astons, Bentleys and car of such sorts. But the 458 and the R8 are the best i have driven so far. Also, for me, the car should first and foremost be a good looker, then it should ride well and then the other things come. Also i am too young to buy shares, but even if i do, i wont invest in them.

  4. Roshun sir- I know there are buyers for all sorts of vehicles in India. Even the Nissan Evalia got some buyers for crying out loud. I just gave my opinion. I dont hink i said it wont sell in India. There are cars that are criticized by many, yet they become good sellers. My main point of the Post was that I wanted to share my opinion about the activities of mahindra, and the launch of this car. And as always sir, you tell me something i dont know. Really love the knowledge you give! :)

  5. Shenoy- brother, Mahindra is doing well, but not only me, but many others also think that they would have done a lot more better had they bought Aston Martin. Also, the Scorpio, the Bolero, XUV 500, brilliant cars in almost every way, but then, why not make the rest also good, in EVERY WAY?

  6. @shenoy- I hate the verito in every aspect, I like the Xylo when i am sitting inside because i dont have to see its hideous exterior, and Quanto is an Ugly Duckling. Although yes, the xylo is a good drive, but i dont know what they did to quanto.

  7. Sorry first, my intention is not to hurt anyone from my words, I was got angry first that you mentioned ANAND MAHINDRA name in your blog by saying (Let’s see how much more Ugly cars you can bring out!)
    I believe you were child when Scorpio project was started by Mahindra, where the Mahindra in 1998 and where the Mahindra position now in 2013 globally!!! Think twice.

  8. Sharath, i have a lot of respect for Anand Mahindra and even Ratan Tata. They have put Indian cars on the World map. what i meant by the statement was that i also wanna see how many ugly cars can be brought out by Anand Mahindra, because he ultimately approves of the cars. I appreciate his moves when he takes out cars like XUV 500 and The new Scorpio, but i also have the right to share my viewpoint when he takes out, or plans to take out cars I think are not good! Im sorry if i offended you, but it wasnt intentional!

  9. This one doesn’t looks killer but definitely not bad looking from any angles. We’ve seen uglier things like Yeti,Quanto,Rio,Force One,Dzire,Indigo,Manza,Aria,Marina,Evalia,Sunny,Teana,Tucson….the list goes on

    Different people different opinion. Anyway I’m one of those guys who puts looks as the first criteria when selecting cars. I mean its not the 90’s where we only had a limited choice of vehicles in each segment here, so people was forced to buy whatever is sold here whether it looks good or bad. In this age there’s more than a dozen of options in each segment and great looking cars sells itself.

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