The hatchback segment is the most popular one in India. There is no other segment that comes even close to the number of hatchbacks sold in India. There were quite a few exciting hatchbacks launched in 2016. In 2017, the market has already seen the launch of the Ignis, Grand i10 and the Baleno RS. […]

The Indian consumer is very picky when it comes to cars. While the market has just started to grow in the country, favorites have already been established and some very good cars have lost out due to this, for no reason of their own. Here are 10 cars that aren’t really topping the sales charts, […]

And after a long interval, we are back with another story on India’s best modified cars and SUVs. Here are another 10 cars that make it to the XVI edition: Ford Endeavour Motormind is a company that has been doing a lot of body kits for various cars. Now, they have come up with one […]

India has always been an economy oriented market. Many manufacturers tried to come out with fast variants of their vehicles to catch the eye of the customer, however they haven’t really been successful. We tell you why they deserve a second look. Ford Figo AT & 1.5 diesel Ford launched the new Figo just last […]

It is really difficult for any new product that enters the market to succeed. The market is highly competitive and takes time to accept the changes. The new products are the most vulnerable products that may fail. We bring you 10 such cars that were launched recently but have flopped terribly in the market. Fiat […]

Yes, we are as shocked as you are, Narain Karthikeyan, India’s first F1 driver has rated the Ford Figo 1.5 Diesel as high as the Audi R8 supercar around the Sriperumbudur racetrack. Karthikeyan was testing India’s Best driver’s cars of 2016 for Autocar, after which he gave out his opinion. Karthikeyan rated the Audi R8 […]

There are a lot of good, enthusiast-focused cars we Indians just don’t buy. This stops manufacturers from launching more powerful and interesting cars here. Here are 5 such kinds of cars we Indians must buy more so that we keep getting better and better enthusiast cars. Hot Hatchbacks Examples: Fiat Punto Abarth, Ford Figo 1.5 […]

Having a fast car is something everyone wants. Be it a small car or a big one, the feeling of having the fastest car in the segment is very satisfying. If you agree with that fact, this story will be helpful. Here are the fastest cars in each segment. All figures courtesy¬†Overdrive magazine.¬† Entry level […]

The Punto Abarth and Avventura Abarth are among the most affordable high performance cars in India, but they’re simply not selling. Why, the Ford Mustang has single-handedly beaten both the Abarths in July 2016. Indians seem to be loving the first muscle car of the country and the dispatch numbers indicate decent demand for the […]

Over the past year, the hot hatch segment has really heated up with the arrival of the Punto Abarth. Though this segment may not be large in terms of numbers, it is certainly a segment that has us car enthusiasts all excited about. So we thought we would pit the Punto Abarth not just against […]