It is a well known fact that the roads in our country aren’t the best. Keeping that in mind, here are 10 vehicles that can easily tackle the harsh roads that India has to offer. We’re focusing on sedans and hatchbacks as SUVs anyway have great ground clearance. Entry level hatch In the entry level […]

There are a bunch of cars whose futures in India are quite uncertain. While they may be available today, it may not be the case tomorrow. This makes resale value dip and availability of parts a concern, especially in case of major repairs. This makes such cars a big risk for buyers.  Here are 10 […]

Indian market is not very open to changes. Even though manufacturers try to bring in exciting models in the market, the customers do not respond to them very well. Here are ten such AWESOME cars that we should be buying more! Ford Figo 1.5 diesel The new generation Figo is a revelation. Even though the […]

While most of the manufacturers are busy increasing the prices of their vehicles in India citing the rising input costs, Fiat Chrysler India has played a reverse role. The company announced that they would reduce the prices of all the variants of the Fiat Linea, Fiat Punto Evo and Avventura. The Linea range saw the […]

With the festival season on its peak, manufacturers are doing their best to attract the customers in any way they can. Fiat in a similar attempt has announced the launch of limited edition Punto and Linea in the market. The cars have been revealed through the Fiat India official website and will be launched in […]

Fiat has embarked upon a new marketing campaign around its main offerings for the Indian car market – the Punto Evo, the Linea and the Avventura. This marketing campaign, aimed at enthusiasts, essentially talks about 5 compelling reasons as to why your next car should be a Fiat. We take a look at each of […]

There are a lot of good, enthusiast-focused cars we Indians just don’t buy. This stops manufacturers from launching more powerful and interesting cars here. Here are 5 such kinds of cars we Indians must buy more so that we keep getting better and better enthusiast cars. Hot Hatchbacks Examples: Fiat Punto Abarth, Ford Figo 1.5 […]

It’s hard for car-lovers to not like the Fiat Punto, for it offers a good ride and handling package, a well-connected drive, and still, after all these years, looks beautiful, too. But sadly, according to a report, it’s all going to end as Fiat might just decide to not bring a new one. Auto Italia […]

Lowering a car has its own benefits: it can reduce the body roll, improve the vehicle’s turn-in, and all of it while looking much better than in stock condition. We look at ten Indian cars that look great lowered. Maruti 800 (SS80) The SS80 or the first Maruti 800 to have come to the Indian […]

Audio system working without key VW, Skoda, Fiat, Tata Some manufacturers allow the audio system to turn on without having the key in the ignition slot. This could be a useful feature if you need to spend a few minutes in the car without the keys. Some cars also give a warning that tells the […]