Every once in a while we take a tuner and showcase good cars that have been done by them. This time around, we are talking about Modsters Automotive, the company which is located in Saidapet, Chennai. Here are 10 great looking cars that have been done by them: Contessa The Contessa is one car that […]

Here is part-II of the story on wannabe cars from India. Premier 118 NE to Mercedes The 118 NE was one of the few affordable sedans to be on sale in the country in the early 1990s. At that time, you had the option of either a Fiat, an Ambassador or this. The 118 NE […]

The saying, “Old is gold”, meticulously applies to cars and SUVs. While most cars are ignored after the end of their life cycles, some live on as enthusiast-modified retro rides. Here are 20 such gorgeous retro cars that will drop your jaw! Maruti SS80 The Maruti SS80 became a sensation in India when it was […]

There are many new-age car options in the automotive market of modern India. If we turn back time, there were many options in the market that were different from the mass segment vehicles. The Indian market would have been much more diverse if such cars were available in the modern world. We bring you a […]

Maruti Gypsy The Gypsy is a very capable vehicle. Being light weight and powered by a peppy 1.3 liter engine has a lot of advantages. It takes this SUV to places where others struggle. This is also the reason why the army continues to use the Gypsy, even after two decades. This Gypsy has been […]

Currently, India does not have any cabriolet which can be bought by middle-class people. As always, needy people find their way around the things. Here are few examples of regular Indian cars turned into beautiful convertibles. Maruti 800 Maruti 800 can be termed as the most loved car in India. The car went out of […]

The Indian automotive market is finally coming of age. Customers are opening up to new segments. A couple of decades ago, the scenario was a little different. Most of the “different” cars used to be ignored by the mass market. Now that the market has opened up, here are ten iconic cars that we think […]

Depreciation has always been proportionate to the age of the vehicles. With each passing year, we know that the vehicle that we own has lost some of its value. It is not always true, though. Meet these 5 cars that have only become more expensive as years pass by. Hindustan Contessa Launched at: Rs. 90,000 […]

The automobiles in India became popular only a few decades back. The Indian market has seen a lot of cars during this short span and many of the models have vanished from the road. Here are 10 cars from a few generations back that we can still spot on the road. Maruti 800 The Maruti […]

The Hindustan Contessa is the closest our country has come to a Made-in-India muscle car in terms of looks. While most Contessas have been left to die at scrapyards, a few enthusiasts lovingly restore the car, and continue to drive it around. Some have even given the car a proper muscle car twist with some […]