Demonetization happened on the November of 8th, sucking out 86 % of India’s currency notes. Almost every part of the Indian economy took a hit due to the liquidity crunch, and the automotive industry was no different. In the demonetization months of November and December, overall automotive sales dipped. While some sectors of the auto […]

Toyota Prius While the Prius is a vehicle for the tree hugging people who like to show that they care for the environment, this one here says otherwise. Who said that the Prius had to be a boring vehicle to look at? Dazer has come up with a rugged version of the Prius, for those […]

Safety is something that isn’t given a lot of importance in our lives. One look at how people drive and behave on the road is a reminder to that fact. Cars on the other hand are becoming safer and safer as the days pass. While most people still opt for cars without safety features, there […]

Here are five more affordable, special edition cars that’ll help you stand out from the crowd. Renault Kwid ‘Live for More’ The Kwid is Renault’s biggest success in India, and the small car continues to sell strongly. The ‘Live for More’ edition of the Kwid adds some exclusivity. Prices at Rs. 2.93 lakh (ex-showroom, Mumbai), […]

Here are 5 more resale value kings of India. Hyundai Creta The Creta is an award winning product from Hyundai. The compact SUV claimed the top-spot in the segment soon after launch and enjoys a very high demand in the market. The Creta’s European design attracts a lot of eyes, also the car gets a […]

Gone are the times when diesel vehicles were considered as slow and lifeless. With the introduction of common rail technology, today’s diesels are right there with their petrol counterparts when it comes to performance, and in some cases even better. Here are the fastest accelerating diesel vehicles, segment wise: Hatchback Ford Figo 10.55 seconds The […]

Here are 4 more Hyundais coming our way. Creta Facelift The Creta recently received a facelift in the Brazilian market. The same facelift is expected to make its way to the Indian market as well. The company is also working on an all new Creta which will have 7 seats, but that is only expected […]

Even after launching a car, manufacturers keep on innovating and bring out new ways to make the production cars even better. The result of such innovations are concept cars based on the production cars. We bring you 10 such hot models that are based on the production version of the cars but are way more […]

The Hyundai Creta captured a major part of the compact SUV segment instantly after launching in India. The facelift of the Creta was unveiled at the Sao Paulo motor show in Brazil and the car will come to India next year. Here is what the car looks like. What are the changes? The current version […]

Hyundai India tasted a grand success with the launch of Creta. The compact SUV climbed received a huge response from the market and became one of the best sellers in the segment. Hyundai is also preparing for the reintroduction of the SUV, Tucson in India and as per reports, the all-new Creta, that will be […]