The first quarter of the year is slow when it comes to sales. Most people are more bothered about the year ending and other expenditure. This is the time when there are great deals in the market, since dealers want to clear their 2016 inventory. Here are 11 cars that are on offer with massive […]

While the new year has just begun, car dealers want to get rid of any old stock they possess in their inventory. This means you could get a great deal on many 2016 model year cars, if you are willing to buy a car that has been manufactured last year. Here are cars that are […]

We have covered a few copycat cars from China over the past and thought we would find a few more that have been copied and do a montage of all of them. Here are a total of 50 copy cat cars that have come from China. Ruili DoDa V8 vs Toyota Alphard The Alphard is […]

Hyundai Santa Fe The Santa Fe is Hyundai’s flagship SUV in the Indian market. It has been on sale in the Indian market since 2014 without any update. While the global model has been receiving updates yearly, those haven’t come to our market. We do however believe that a new facelift for the SUV will […]

Here are 10 more cars selling at massive discounts of a lakh or more. Tata Safari Storme Rs 1 lakh The Safari Storme is highly under-rated. It has a very potent engine making 400 Nm, offers good ride quality and is well priced too. Yet, it is outsold by the Scorpio by a large amount. […]

DC Design is one of India’s most popular design houses. The outfit has done some commendable jobs in the past including the the launch of India’s first sport car known as the Avanti. Also, there are a few cars from the DC Design that are relatively obscure, and unseen. We bring you 10 of such […]

Hyundai started off making affordable small cars, but has now graduated into making cool, stylish and value-for-money cars, loaded to the gills with features. There are 8 new vehicles soon coming our way from Hyundai. Here’s more. Tucson The first vehicle that will be coming our way from Hyundai is the Tucson which will be […]

Now that the festive season is at its peak, car buyers are searching for the best deals in the market. There are many deals that you can get during this season but we have selected the best ones for you. Here are 10 discount deals that can save you a lot of money. Chevrolet Trailblazer […]

There is no doubt that we Indian’s love our SUVs. The sheer size and road presence of these vehicles intimidate other road users and hence people feel that they can go past traffic with more ease. Since size matters when you are on the road, here are 10 wacky SUV modifications. Autologue Santa Fe The […]

Volkswagen Jetta GLI Power: 210 BHP The D-Segment car of India is one of the popular cars in the USA market. The Jetta gets a more powerful version in the USA market known as GLI. The car comes powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine in the USA market. The engine produces a maximum of […]