At one point in time, the hatchback market was the most important one and every manufacturer was working hard to make sure their portfolio had enough of them. While times have now changed and SUVs are becoming more important, the hatchback craze continues. Here are 10 of them that are coming in the next year: […]

Here are the remaining 5 cars: Mahindra Thar The Thar here features a performance upgrade, courtesy a remap, a decat exhaust and a performance intake system. Other changes include a carborfiber leaf spring suspension upgrade, gas filled dampers, off-road bumper with a winch and off-road rims and tyres. Maruti Gypsy The Gypsy is known for […]

Cars for the price of an automatic scooter? Ever thought you could get a reliable yet comfortable car for less than Rs 50,000? Yes, some may be older than 15 years, which means registering them in Delhi NCR will be a problem. However for the rest of the country, you shall be okay. Here are […]

With the changed market preferences, a lot of cars have been taken off the market in India. While many of such cars are gone for good, some of these cars are all set to make big comebacks in the market. A few cars like Honda Accord and Hyundai Tucson have already re-entered the Indian market. […]

Hyundai, the second largest carmaker in India has a few exciting launches lined up. The South-Korean company recently launched the new Hyundai Xcent, and here are six more cars that the company will launch shortly. Let’s take a look. All-new Hyundai Verna The all-new Hyundai will launch by August this year. The new Verna get […]

The used car market is gaining a lot of steam in India. With the number of models increasing, the used car buyer has a lot more to choose from. But is he/she opting for the various options or sticking to the safe choices? Cars-24 compiled a list of all used cars sold by them in 2016 […]

The Indian market is a tough one to survive in. Not only do customers have brand preference, they also have strong brand hate on other side. There are some cars that were either too early for their time or tried to conquer the segment but weren’t successful and were discontinued. There are 7 such cars […]

In the market for an automatic car? Not too hell-bent on getting a new one? This is a must read article for you then What if you could get a better automatic vehicle at a cheaper price, the only catch being it were used. Here are 10 reasons why buying a used automatic makes more […]

The Santro was one of the most successful cars in India. The small hatchback gave tough competition to the Maruti 800 and was finally taken off the market. The Hyundai Santro was launched way back in 1997 and continued its journey till 2015. Even during the final days of the Santro, it was selling around […]

Maruti Alto 78% value retention after 3 years The Alto is the most selling car in the country. There is nothing that is even able to come close to it. It has widespread appeal throughout the country. Due to the brand name the car has created, people opt for one blindly. The Alto is popular as […]