Stray animals on Indian roads contribute to many accidents. Here’s one more such incident involving a high-end Jaguar luxury sedan and a buffalo. What happened here? The Jaguar XF in question was on a highway near Shimoga. Close to a place called Ayanur, a buffalo strayed onto the road. The driver couldn’t stop the car […]

In a late night incident in Mumbai, a Jaguar XE and a Honda CBR 250R were involved in a crash. The accident took place at midnight when the roads are relatively empty. Here’s what happened. What happened here? The crash took place at the Marine Plaza traffic signal. The Jaguar XE was taking a U-turn […]

Here is part-II of the list: Jeep Compass 12th April (unveil only) Jeep will be unveiling the Compass on the 12th. And when we say unveil, we mean we will be shown the Indian spec version. Pricing will follow in August though. The new Compass will be powered by a 2.0-litre diesel engine in India. […]

Aerodynamics is something that changes not only how fast a vehicle goes, but also how efficient it is. In simple words, the lesser the force the vehicle has to exert against the atmosphere to reach speeds, the faster and more efficient the vehicle will be. Here are 10 cars with the lowest drag coefficients on […]