The Chinese are well known for making imitations of all sorts of products and selling them at a cheaper rate. From a fake watch to a fake phone, they do it all, so how can the cars be left behind? LandWind X7 vs Range Rover Evoque In the first glance, the X7 will come across […]

Geely Merrie 300 vs Mercedes Benz C-Class The Mercedes C Class was the entry level sedan for the brand till the CLA came along. Since the brand image of the three pointed star has always been very aspirational, people work very hard to get one. If you are from China, you don’t have to worry much […]

In continuation with our copy cat cars story, here is the fourth edition. And the copycat cars from China just don’t seem to stop. Dongfeng EQ2050 M3D vs Hummer H2 Hummer is an iconic company and when it was still alive, it built the most massive and bad ass SUVs for the civilian market. Hummer […]

Honda is working on a slew of new cars and SUVs for the Indian market in the near future. Here are 6 such vehicles that are headed our way. Honda City facelift The City facelift has made its global debut today, in an event in Indonesia. The same will be coming to our market in […]

India is among the fastest-growing markets in the world when it comes to automobiles. By the end of the decade, experts believe that India will be among the third largest markets in the world. The growth will be fueled by the fact that there are a lot of new manufacturers that are eyeing the Indian […]

India is a country where peformance isn’t given much importance. Let’s face it, we are a very small bunch on enthusiasts out there who really care about the power output and other aspects of a car. Most people don’t really bother about them.  If you are on the lookout for a car that produces more […]

BMW 525i Rs 9.98 lakhs The E60 5 Series is one of the most controversial designs from BMW. The designer, Chris Bangle opted for a very loud theme with this car, something people weren’t used to. Some disliked it, but to most, it appealed to the heart. I personally feel this is one of the […]

India has always been a SUV centric market. Since people here prefer to flaunt their muscles, SUVs give them the best chance to do so. That coupled with the fact that our roads are not in the best nick make SUVs a good proposition. While Toyota has established itself in the market with the Fortuner, there […]

Hyundai Santa Fe The Santa Fe is Hyundai’s flagship SUV in the Indian market. It has been on sale in the Indian market since 2014 without any update. While the global model has been receiving updates yearly, those haven’t come to our market. We do however believe that a new facelift for the SUV will […]

The Indian consumer is very picky when it comes to cars. While the market has just started to grow in the country, favorites have already been established and some very good cars have lost out due to this, for no reason of their own. Here are 10 cars that aren’t really topping the sales charts, […]