Robert Downey Jr. is best known for his fictional character, Tony Stark, and its superhero form, the Iron Man. Robert’s on-screen character Tony Stark is known to live life lavishly and drive exotic cars. In real life too, Robert is known to spend extravagantly on his cars. Here are ten cars from the movie star’s […]

The Indian car market is booming and manufacturers from around the world are bringing in a host of new vehicles.While a quarter of 2017 has already passed by, there are a few really radical launches lined up for later this year. Here are 10 of them! TaMo RaceMo Why is it radical? The RaceMo will become the cheapest […]

Here is another edition of wannabe cars, cars that started off life as something but then thought of getting a make over to be more happening. Vitara Brezza to Range Rover The Vitara Brezza is a popular compact SUV. The company introduced the vehicle last year and it has gone on to become the highest […]

Here is part-II of the story on wannabe cars from India. Premier 118 NE to Mercedes The 118 NE was one of the few affordable sedans to be on sale in the country in the early 1990s. At that time, you had the option of either a Fiat, an Ambassador or this. The 118 NE […]

Body kits add a personal touch to the car and make it look more appealing. There are different levels of body kits that are on offer. Some are subtle ones that not many people will notice and then there are some that are so badass that they become head turners. Here are 10 such badass […]

Here is part-II of the story on BADASS body kitted cars in India featuring 5 more cars: Toyota Innova The Innova is one more vehicle which you wouldn’t expect to find on this list. The Innova is a great people mover and it is very popular for the same reason. There are a few enthusiasts […]

Most of us spend a lot of time in the car nowadays. What if there are affordable modifications that can transform your driving experience and make it a lot better? Here are 10 super-affordable mods that can elevate your driving experience, and all of them can be had for under 10,000 rupees! Tuning Box Tuning […]

Here are five more mods that can transform your vehicle. Car headlamp wattage upgrade Upgrading the car’s headlamps can change the night driving experience. Most cars come with standard 55/60 watt headlamps. The headlamps can be upgraded to 90/100 watt with standard H4 fitment. The more powerful headlamps give better light throw, giving you better […]

Most Indian car buyers have value-for-money as one of the top priorities when they go car shopping. We bring a list of top value-for-money cars and SUVs, ones that give you big bang for your buck. Here they are: Mahindra XUV 500 The XUV 500 is the first monocoque chassis equipped vehicle from Mahindra. The good […]

Here are five more cars that offer maximum value-for-money Volkswagen Ameo The Ameo is the best selling vehicle carrying the Volkswagen emblem on it in India. The car is also VW’s first-ever sub-4 meter sedan in the world. The Ameo is one of the best lookers in the segment with a very proportionate body. Volkswagen has made […]