Here are some more regular cars that have been modified into hot convertibles. Maruti Zen The Zen was the performance hatchback in its prime days. Every youth in the country wanted one. At present times, there are many beautifully kept examples of the Zen. This one though is little different. The Zen Classic we see […]

Automobiles are a depreciating commodity. As years pass, the value of cars goes down regardless of how much you take care of it. There are few cars that retain better value over the years than others. Here are 10 such cars that go through minimal depreciation over the years. Toyota Fortuner   The Toyota Fortuner […]

It was November 8th when the demonetisation of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 was announced. The hangover from the decision has left many businesses across the length and the breadth of the country in slow lane. The automotive industry has suffered quite a bit with slowdown in new car market as well as used car market. […]

Most of the so-called ‘hybrids’ we have in India are not legitimate hybrids – rather, they are mild hybrids and micro-hybrids. Why buy them? Some improvement in fuel economy is the real benefit – plus, you may be exempted from the next odd-even plan introduced by some state government. First, let us understand what mild hybrids […]

The utilitarian Bolero is a true workhorse from Mahindra. In the same way, the Mercedes G-Class is the utilitarian vehicle from the Mercedes brand. Why are we suddenly bringing up the Merc while talking about the Bolero? Well someone has gone and transformed his Bolero into a G-Wagen. This isn’t any transformation, it’s a mighty […]

SUVs have a striking road presence. These hefty heavy vehicles catch a lot of attention on the road and are liked by people for their massive body structures. A tastefully modified SUV can steal all the attention on the road even while sharing the road with more expensive vehicles. Here are 5 examples of tastefully […]

Indians love SUVs, and it’s a matter of being practical, really. Might is usually right on Indian roads, and the biggest, baddest looking vehicles usually gets the right of way. In such circumstances, what better a tool than a heavily modified SUV? While there are a number of tastefully modified SUVs cruising about Indian roads, […]

Hyundai Elantra Cheapest car to get ventilated seats The recently launched Elantra has been pretty popular due its aggressive pricing. Like all Hyundai’s this one is loaded to the gills as well. This one becomes the cheapest car to get ventilated seats. A feature that the previous car also had. It is a very useful […]

For a petrol head, there’s nothing better than a tastefully modified car. Such rides set you apart from the rest of the crowd. Here are 5 examples of India’s best modified cars. Honda Accord The Honda Accord is one premium looking car. Even though the car has been discontinued, the luxury sedan is still one of […]

India sadly doesn’t have much of the car culture that other countries have. It’s mainly down to the fact that most of the iconic cars of the world never made it to India. Those who wanted such cars had to resort to building replicas. Here are 5 such cars. Mahindra Bolero to Mercedes G-Class The […]