While the actual Jeep brand has officially made its way to the Indian market, the Wrangler is still way out of reach of most people. The cheapest and most affordable, diesel raw SUV, is the Thar currently. There are a few kits that make the Thar look like the Wrangler. Here are 5 such conversions: […]

A lot of people gaze admiringly at a Mahindra Thar when it passes by. At that very moment, many of them imagine buying one for themselves. Soon, reality takes over, and they decide to look at other cars. Why? It’s because they feel that the Thar can’t really be a great daily driver. Or they’ve […]

The Indian consumer has always been attracted by SUVs. So much is the demand for SUVs in the country that every manufacturer is now making sure that they have enough SUVs in their portfolio, as that is the fastest growing segment. Here are 6 of the most bang for the buck SUVs in the Indian […]

Octavia Here is one Octavia which has been given a massive transformation. This one is now a 2-door coupe, instead of the 4-door sedan that the Octavia is. The whole body has been redone and the car now looks really sporty. The car now has a custom blue shade too. The car now sits on […]

Here are the remaining 5 cars: Mahindra Thar The Thar here features a performance upgrade, courtesy a remap, a decat exhaust and a performance intake system. Other changes include a carborfiber leaf spring suspension upgrade, gas filled dampers, off-road bumper with a winch and off-road rims and tyres. Maruti Gypsy The Gypsy is known for […]

In the recent few years, we have seen that the number of people who explore with their vehicle is on the rise. There are many who spend a good fortune on their SUVs to make them more capable and touring friendly. We bring you ten such vehicles modified in India that should be on the […]

Here are the 5 remaining vehicles: Skoda Fabia The Fabia was one hatchback that gave the premium feeling. The diesel Fabia was very capable too. Here is one that has undergone a lot of mods. For starters, the car now has a body kit, new front auxiliary lights, LED DRLs, Borbet rims, a new rear […]

Here are ten more gorgeously modified SUVs in India. Tata Safari Storme The Tata Safari Storme is one good looking vehicle. It looks intimidating in the stock form too but seeing the modded version of the vehicle will make you respect the vehicle even more. The Safari gets honeycomb grille up front. The suspension system […]

Anand Mahindra is one person who is really active on twitter. He not only has witty responses to people who tweet to him, but also loves his products being used. Sometime ago, the Chairman of Mahindra group gifted an autorickshaw driver a Supro and bought his ‘Jugaad’ for the company’s upcoming museum. Now it looks […]

In the age of pseudo SUVs, the real definition of the vehicle is getting lost. SUVs are known for their mean and menacing nature and there are a very few true blue SUVs that have a brute, intimidating presence. Let’s take a look at ten of them. Force Gurkha Force Motors recently launched the facelifted […]