The Mahindra Thar is now a cult in India, a standard fixture in the country’s off road scene. While the vehicle has been around for about 7 years, its iconic Jeep-derived design is timeless. It’s this design that attracts people to the off roader but all that could change as the Indian automaker has just […]

Here are five more affordable cars that are pure ‘Tashan.’ Mahindra Thar The Mahindra Thar is one of the best looking classic vehicle in India. The SUV gets many official customisation¬†options from the factory. The That Daybreak edition catches most eyes among all the customized versions of the Thar. Thar can also be customised to […]

Force Gurkha is one capable vehicle that did not become much popular in the mass market. After the launch in 2013, Force did not update the Gurkha till date. The Indian automaker has just announced the launch of Force Gurkha Xplorer, and it looks nothing less than a G-Wagen sans the logo on it. The […]

Here is some exciting news for all off-road enthusiasts. A brand new Mahindra Thar is in the works. With the introduction of BNVSAP (Bharat New Vehicle Safety Assesment Program), the current Thar will need a major overhaul to survive in the market. Mahindra has confirmed the all-new Thar and here is all we know so […]

The Mahindra Thar is an open canvas for those who want to go crazy modifying their rides. Here’s one that takes crazy to an all new level. This Thar’s got 6 wheels but not in the layout you’d expect them to be. Built by Grizzly Customs of Pune, this Thar was developed for three main […]

India is a country where durable, rough and tough vehicles are needed to survive in the long run, especially if you live in the rural parts. While the roads have developed over the past few years, they are far away from being smooth and perfect. Here are 10 rough and tough cars that will take […]

Abarth 595 Hatch with a punch This is a complete pocket rocket. While the 595 is not really popular due to its steep price tag, it is a wonderful driver’s car. I had the oppurtunity to drive it around the BIC and i came away thoroughly impressed by how well the car handled. The only […]

For more than half a decade, the Mahindra Thar has been the first choice of off-road enthusiasts and people who wanted a lifestyle vehicle. The soft-top Thar is also a modders favourite. Times have changed. The Thar is now losing territory to the recently launched Isuzu D-Max V-Cross.¬†Here are few reasons on why the Isuzu […]

Here are some more enthusiast cars going cheap. Deal hunters take note, this is a great chance for that ‘perfect steal’. Mahindra Thar The Thar is a vehicle for the other sort of enthusiast, the one looking for some off-road fun. The Thar is a bare bones off-road ready vehicle. Though the Thar is pretty […]

Indians love SUVs, and it’s a matter of being practical, really. Might is usually right on Indian roads, and the biggest, baddest looking vehicles usually gets the right of way. In such circumstances, what better a tool than a heavily modified SUV? While there are a number of tastefully modified SUVs cruising about Indian roads, […]