The Mahindra XUV500 is very popular among modifiers in India. Now, MotorMind – a prominent car modder from Bangalore – has come up with a new ‘MadMen’ kit for the XUV500. Priced at 1.58 lakh rupees, this kit aims to totally transform the looks of the SUV, making it really stand out from the hordes […]

Mahindra, India’s leading UV manufacturer is facing a tough time. While the company has a host of vehicles to cater to everyone’s needs, it is dropping market share. Even though the company has introduced 2 new products in 2016, that hasn’t helped much. Here are 5 big reasons why Mahindea needs a super hit SUV, now! […]

Here are 5 more smashers from Motormind. Ford Endeavour The butch Endeavour gets a few bits and bobs to really stand out, but in a classy way. For starters, you have a Motormind body kit which includes a new front bumper chin with LEDs. Other changes to the front-end include a new grill and smoked out […]

Dilip Chhabria, or DC is well known in the aftermarket industry. He setup an empire for body kits and sprucing up the interiors of the cars. Now, his company also produces India’s only sports car, the Avanti. While DC Design has worked on a lot of cars, only a few of them have actually been […]

Here are five more gorgeous car wraps from around India. Hyundai Creta The Hyundai Creta sells like hot cakes in the market. The compact SUV is known for its vast choices of variants, but sadly the colour choice is very limited. Seen here is a beautifully done Hyundai Creta with dual tone wraps. The beautiful […]

Here is part-II of the story with the remaining 5 cars. Mahindra XUV500 There are many examples of wrapped XUVs in the country. It is such a popular SUV that you do find enough examples of them in the country. Here is one, that has been finished in matte grey. The work was carried out […]

The vehicle has been on sale since 2011 and here are the real reasons why it continues to sell so well even after being around for over 6 years. Terrific value-for-money The main USP of the XUV has to be the fact that it is very good value for money. The XUV range starts off […]

Mahindra has updated the XUV 500 with a host of new features. The new model gets an all-new infotainment system that gets as many as four new additions. The 2017 Mahindra XUV 500 has been updated with Android Auto, Connected Apps, Ecosense tech and Emergency Call. Mahindra says that the new features will redefine the […]

Here are 5 more cars in part-II of the story VW Ameo Rs 1.0 lakhs The Ameo is VW’s latest offering. It is a sub 4-meter compact sedan and India is the only market in the world where it is sold. The Ameo was launched late last year and it comes with the choice of […]

Here are 4 more popular cars whose wait times are long, and their great alternates. Maruti Ignis The Ritz’s replacement is finding a lot of takers, and waiting times stand at 3 months, a feat the Ritz never managed ever. The Ignis is aimed at the young, but certainly not the impatient. But patience isn’t […]