Most people modify cars thinking it will make them faster. But that is not the case. Not all mods will make your car faster. Here are 5 such mods:   Larger tyres Yes, larger tyres do provide more grip, but that also means you will be slower in a straight line. The larger the tyre, […]

Every once in a while we take a tuner and showcase good cars that have been done by them. This time around, we are talking about Modsters Automotive, the company which is located in Saidapet, Chennai. Here are 10 great looking cars that have been done by them: Contessa The Contessa is one car that […]

Rapid The Rapid is one car that we don’t often see in modified lists. The main reason behind it is the fact that it is more of an elegant looking vehicle, rather than an outright sporty one. This one here gets a new body kit, which includes the following, a front splitter, new rear bumper with […]

Here is another set of 10 wannabe cars, cars that started their life as something but then ended up imitating other vehicle. Range Safari Tata bought over JLR and are also using new technology from the marques. However, one owner here wanted his Safari to look like a Range Rover too. This conversion has been […]

Rolls Amby Rolls Royce is a brand that is synonymous with luxury and opulence. Since they make cars that are massively expensive, not many can afford them. Here is one such person, who has had his Ambassador converted to look like a Rolls. The main change that has been done is to the grille up […]

DC Design is India’s one of the most popular design houses. DC Design came into the business in the early 90s, and since then the design house has modified numerous vehicles. Here are ten unseen cars from DC Design. Dew Mobile DC created the Dew Mobile for Mountain Dew in 2004. The body has been […]

Here are five more unseen cars from DC Design DC S Concept The DC S Concept was showcased at the 2008 Auto Expo and attracted a lot of attention. The model never into production but it is said to be one of the best designs by DC. The two-seater sports car gets inspired from the […]

Big Daddy Customs is a modification store that is located on MG Road, in Delhi. The most famous vehicle that they have done is the Moon Rover, which is basically a conversion of a Safari to look like a Range Rover. Here are 10 cars that have been done by them. Moonrover The Moonrover is […]

Octavia Here is one Octavia which has been given a massive transformation. This one is now a 2-door coupe, instead of the 4-door sedan that the Octavia is. The whole body has been redone and the car now looks really sporty. The car now has a custom blue shade too. The car now sits on […]

Here is another edition of India’s best modified cars and SUVs. Honda Civic And here is another well modified Civic. This one has been done by 360 Motoring and it looks phenomenal. Mod list includes a new custom twin-shade paint, 18″ alloy wheels finished in matte black, JS racing spoiler, a CRZ body kit with […]