Here are five more Indian cars that look great when lowered. Mercedes-Benz W115 The W115 carries an iconic status with itself. The sedan from the post-1970s is extremely rare to find in a well-maintained condition. Here is W115 modified to the perfection. The vehicle gets AccuAir Switchspeed Air Management system for the suspension. There are […]

Maruti 800 5 speed Lightweight, skinny tyres and a responsive engine The 800 is India’s favorite car. It is the one that put India on wheels, for more part. Being affordable, reliable and small, it was a super hit with the Indian customers with waiting periods going upto a few years. Since the car is […]

There are some cars that are commonly modified, like the Swift, Cruze, etc and then there are some cars which we barely ever see modified, like say an Alto 800 or a Datsun Go. Keeping that in mind, here are 10 cars that are not usually modified: Maruti Swift Dzire The Swift is the most […]

Here is part-II of the story comprising of the most popular cars in the used car market. Hyundai i20 Now for the cool car, the i20. The i20 was introduced as the ‘Uber cool’ vehicle and it certainly shook up the premium hatch segment. The i20 was the hatch to go for if you were […]

Demonetization happened on the November of 8th, sucking out 86 % of India’s currency notes. Almost every part of the Indian economy took a hit due to the liquidity crunch, and the automotive industry was no different. In the demonetization months of November and December, overall automotive sales dipped. While some sectors of the auto […]

Currently, India does not have any cabriolet which can be bought by middle-class people. As always, needy people find their way around the things. Here are few examples of regular Indian cars turned into beautiful convertibles. Maruti 800 Maruti 800 can be termed as the most loved car in India. The car went out of […]

Here are 5 more resale value kings of India. Hyundai Creta The Creta is an award winning product from Hyundai. The compact SUV claimed the top-spot in the segment soon after launch and enjoys a very high demand in the market. The Creta’s European design attracts a lot of eyes, also the car gets a […]

India has never been an enthusiast oriented market. For some reason, most of us Indian customers don’t appreciate fun cars. This is sometimes helpful to us as an enthusiast. Why? Because these cars become cheap to buy in the used car market then. Here are 10 great cars with super mod potential for under a […]

Maruti Alto 78% value retention after 3 years The Alto is the most selling car in the country. There is nothing that is even able to come close to it. It has widespread appeal throughout the country. Due to the brand name the car has created, people opt for one blindly. The Alto is popular as […]

Topgear-BBC has come up with a list of 20 world changing cars. An Indian car features in that list, but it a slightly funny/negative way. Instead of choosing the Nano, which is the modern day equivalent of the Volkswagen Beetle, the BBC has chosen to highlight a little known Indian car, which has never been […]