The saying, “Old is gold”, meticulously applies to cars and SUVs. While most cars are ignored after the end of their life cycles, some live on as enthusiast-modified retro rides. Here are 20 such gorgeous retro cars that will drop your jaw! Maruti SS80 The Maruti SS80 became a sensation in India when it was […]

Here are some more regular cars that have been modified into hot convertibles. Maruti Zen The Zen was the performance hatchback in its prime days. Every youth in the country wanted one. At present times, there are many beautifully kept examples of the Zen. This one though is little different. The Zen Classic we see […]

SX-4 The SX-4 was launched with a tagline ‘The men are back”. This meant that the car already was pretty bold and muscular to look at. This owner decided to take it to a new level though. He opted to put on a wide body kit onto the SX-4. In addition to the fenders, he […]

With the inflation on free-run, the car prices have aimed for the sky and they are not stopping anytime soon. To buy a car which is fun to drive in today’s time will ask you to empty almost all of your bank balance. Worry not, we bring you few cars that will not burn a […]

India has never been an enthusiast oriented market. For some reason, most of us Indian customers don’t appreciate fun cars. This is sometimes helpful to us as an enthusiast. Why? Because these cars become cheap to buy in the used car market then. Here are 10 great cars with super mod potential for under a […]

Mitsubishi Lancer The Lancer will always remain as a legendary car in the hearts of car lovers. Even though the Lancer did not survive a long life in India, the cars that were sold in India are still found in many garages. The powerful Lancer or its versions in form of Cedia or Invex can […]

Hyundai Getz Those looking for a premium hatchback Price: Rs 70,000 The Getz was a vehicle a little too early for its time. It was a premium hatchback that offered a lot of space and was good to drive as well. But due to people not wanting to buy a large hatchback at that time, […]

India is not a country where you would want to drive a lowered car. However, there are a few brave enthusiasts who have opted to lower their cars. Here is Edition 3 of the list. Maruti Esteem The Esteem has always been a mod friendly car. Because of its light weight, it was used in […]