Cars for the price of an automatic scooter? Ever thought you could get a reliable yet comfortable car for less than Rs 50,000? Yes, some may be older than 15 years, which means registering them in Delhi NCR will be a problem. However for the rest of the country, you shall be okay. Here are […]

Maruti Zen 3-door 2003 Maruti exported the Zen 3-door to other markets, however just before discontinuing the model, they had a surplus of 600 vehicles, which they decided to sell in the Indian market as the Carbon and Steel, each having 300 units. Power came from a 1.0 liter engine making 60 Bhp and 78 […]

Maruti 800 5 speed Lightweight, skinny tyres and a responsive engine The 800 is India’s favorite car. It is the one that put India on wheels, for more part. Being affordable, reliable and small, it was a super hit with the Indian customers with waiting periods going upto a few years. Since the car is […]

Here is part-II of the story with 5 more cars: Skoda Octavia vRS Combi The vRS is a brand every enthusiast is aware of. When Skoda introduced the vRS is the country, it won over the heart of all enthusiasts. Then, they introduced the Combi, which made perfect sense given its practicality, however India never […]

Here are some more retro rides that are pure wow! Maruti SS80 The SS80 was the first hatchback that India saw. When it was launched, people were only used to large cars that were not too reliable. The SS80 showed them that a family car didn’t need to be big. This SS80 has been given […]

Here is part-II of the story comprising of the most popular cars in the used car market. Hyundai i20 Now for the cool car, the i20. The i20 was introduced as the ‘Uber cool’ vehicle and it certainly shook up the premium hatch segment. The i20 was the hatch to go for if you were […]

There are a lot of Indians who modify their vehicles. While of the examples come out to be very nicely done, there are many which look very wacky and weird. We bring you ten such modifications that will tell you how not to modify your car. Maruti Zen Classic – Ferrari Maruti Zen Classic was […]

Here are some more weird and wacky cars from India Honda City ZX – Lamborghini The Honda City ZX is still a very wanted car in the used car market. The old, elegant design of the car makes it perfect for those looking for a classy ride. This modification has been done trying to change […]

There are many new-age car options in the automotive market of modern India. If we turn back time, there were many options in the market that were different from the mass segment vehicles. The Indian market would have been much more diverse if such cars were available in the modern world. We bring you a […]

Here are some more regular cars that have been modified into hot convertibles. Maruti Zen The Zen was the performance hatchback in its prime days. Every youth in the country wanted one. At present times, there are many beautifully kept examples of the Zen. This one though is little different. The Zen Classic we see […]