Road rage is something that can easily escalate into a very dangerous situation. In an event that took place in Delhi, a lady driver of Mercedes-Benz CLA is seen thrashing a bus driver. Here’s what happened. What’s happening here? The incident took place in Naraina in Delhi on Monday. The lady, Ritu Chandok, was driving […]

Aerodynamics is something that changes not only how fast a vehicle goes, but also how efficient it is. In simple words, the lesser the force the vehicle has to exert against the atmosphere to reach speeds, the faster and more efficient the vehicle will be. Here are 10 cars with the lowest drag coefficients on […]

Mercedes-Benz launched their 12th car this year in India in form of CLA facelift. The new facelift of the CLA is cheaper than the outgoing model and is priced from Rs. 31.40 ex-showroom, Mumbai. There will be 3 variants of the car available in India and it will come with both petrol and diesel engine […]

Earlier in the year, Mercedes launched the facelifted version of the CLA across the globe. That makeover hasn’t made it to India yet though. On the 30th of November, Mercedes will launch the all new facelifted version of the CLA in the Indian market. Since the model hasn’t been around for a long while, this […]

If you’re buying an SUV merely for the “status” it offers, you have many more options, options that can elevate your status a few notches higher. We’re talking about the Audis, BMWs, Mercedes Benzs and Volvos of this world. And these badges are more affordable than ever before, with most entry-level luxury cars sitting under […]