Here is part-ii of the story having all the chrome wrapped cars: Creta The Creta is a popular compact SUV. It is one that has been the king of the market, ever since it was introduced. Even with the hefty price tag, it still manages to outsell its closest rival, the Duster by a large […]

After the liquor baron failed to show-up after various court notices, the banks planned to sell his assets through auctions to recover the debt. After the failed first round of auction, which failed to attract any bidders to buy his assets, another auction was held which attracted a number of bidders. The auction that took last […]

India is a country where peformance isn’t given much importance. Let’s face it, we are a very small bunch on enthusiasts out there who really care about the power output and other aspects of a car. Most people don’t really bother about them.  If you are on the lookout for a car that produces more […]

Aerodynamics is something that changes not only how fast a vehicle goes, but also how efficient it is. In simple words, the lesser the force the vehicle has to exert against the atmosphere to reach speeds, the faster and more efficient the vehicle will be. Here are 10 cars with the lowest drag coefficients on […]

Here are 5 more lounges from DC Design. Renault Duster The Duster has been very popular, changing the fortunes for Renault in India. DC came up with a very well designed lounge based on the Duster. Unlike most lounges that have only been updated on the inside, this one has received a major makeover on […]

It is Bhai’s (Salman Khan) birthday today and while we wish him on this occasion, we thought we would run you through what all reside in his garage. Here are cars and bikes that Salman owns currently, and owned previously. Audi RS7 Salman Khan was the person who launched the RS7 in India when the […]

This is the perfect weather in India for the wind in the face drive, except the pollution of course and Mercedes-Benz has launched 2 new cabriolet cars in India to fulfil your dream. The German company launched their 10th and 11th vehicles this year in India in form of C300 Cabriolet and S500 Cabriolet. With […]

Bollywood stars attain their larger than life personalities mainly due to the women and men who shape the way a movie turns out. We’re talking about auteurs, the men who wield the most power on the sets, to turn out movies as we see them on the big screen. Bollywood, like every other film industry, […]

Here ar 5 more cars and SUVs that will be coming in next month. Jeep Wrangler petrol When Jeep introduced its range in India, it only brought in diesel engines. Petrol versions will be introduced during the festive season. The Wrangler will thus get a petrol engine soon. The motor in question is a 3.6 […]

Automotive designers spend hundred of hours while developing a new model of a vehicle. We agree that some of them do not turn out to be as great as others but it is an absolute crime (according to us petrolheads) to ruin the looks of a car, especially the luxury ones. Here are 5 mod jobs […]