The Chinese are well known for making imitations of all sorts of products and selling them at a cheaper rate. From a fake watch to a fake phone, they do it all, so how can the cars be left behind? LandWind X7 vs Range Rover Evoque In the first glance, the X7 will come across […]

Movies always show sensational things that are either unreal or un-achievable. However there are a few cars that have been featured in the movies that can be bought by anyone, right in India. Some only if you have deep pockets and a few reasonable ones as well. Here are 10 such cars: Audi R8 Iron […]

Hot hatchbacks are the flavor of the season all over the price range. With VW having just launched the GTi, and Fiat having launched the 595, this segment is really heating up. Mini was the brand that started this segment in India with the Cooper S sometime back. While we did have a large range […]

Mini has always been a niche brand in India offering fun cars that were quirky and mainly for the enthusiasts. Staying with the fun tag, the company has introduced a new Carbon edition of its fastest hatchback, the Cooper S. This special edition vehicle bridges the gap between the normal Cooper S and the John […]

Honda Civic The Honda Civic got discontinued in India a while ago, but many owners have held on to the beautifully designed sedan. The D-Segment sedan is still one of the best looking cars ever sold in India. The car shown here gets a bright green colored wrap from Kit Up! The wrap is accompanied […]

Maruti A- Star The A-Star concept made its global debut at the 2008 Delhi Auto Expo. The vehicle was planned as a global car that would be built in India and exported to other international markets like Europe. The concept car was really good to look at. The bold headlamp design with the orange indicator […]

Mini is an iconic brand known for making small and ‘fun to drive’ cars. But with changing times, the company has had  to expand its portfolio to cater to a larger audience. With that in mind, Mini brought in the 5-door Cooper. As the name suggests, the 5-door Cooper gets 2 added doors at the […]

A convertible car is something most people can only aspire to own. The feeling of the wind in your hair while you are driving is unmatched. Yes, most parts of India don’t have unfavourable weather conditions for the best part of the year, but on the days the weather is right, the joy of driving […]

Regular cars are many, iconic cars are few. Today, we’ll take you through 10 cars and SUVs that are legends, and that are available in the Indian market. Jeep Wrangler Arguably the most recognizable off roader in the world, the Jeep Wrangler will be launched in India in the first week of February, at the […]

Snapshot – Known as the thinking man’s actor, Ajay Devgn has carved out a niche for himself in Bollywood with his power packed performances in a myriad range of roles. The intense looking man who is otherwise a bit of a prankster, is a known car enthusiast in Bollywood circles. The actor has a fleet […]