Every once in a while we take a tuner and showcase good cars that have been done by them. This time around, we are talking about Modsters Automotive, the company which is located in Saidapet, Chennai. Here are 10 great looking cars that have been done by them: Contessa The Contessa is one car that […]

Octavia Here is one Octavia which has been given a massive transformation. This one is now a 2-door coupe, instead of the 4-door sedan that the Octavia is. The whole body has been redone and the car now looks really sporty. The car now has a custom blue shade too. The car now sits on […]

Here is part-II of the story: Tata Indica The Indica was Tata’s first attempt at a hatchback. The vehicle was so highly anticipated that Maruti cut prices of the Zen just a few hours before the launch of the Indica. With this car, Tata wanted to offer a large and spacious hatchback which was frugal […]

Maruti Zen 3-door 2003 Maruti exported the Zen 3-door to other markets, however just before discontinuing the model, they had a surplus of 600 vehicles, which they decided to sell in the Indian market as the Carbon and Steel, each having 300 units. Power came from a 1.0 liter engine making 60 Bhp and 78 […]

India is waking up to the idea of maintaining their vintage rides. There are many such examples of modified 800s, Ambassadors, etc. Here are 10 resto mods that make you go ‘WOW’ Maruti SS80 Here is India’s best known hatchback, the 800, or the SS80 – its first generation. This one here has been given a […]

The all-new Mitsubishi Lancer made its global debut just last month, and is without doubt a fabulous looking vehicle. Back then, we only had studio shots of the car, but now we have live images of the car. Take a look. What is this?   This is the all-new Lancer, or the Grand Lancer as it […]

Remember the Mitsubishi Lancer? Of course, you do! The once famous Lancer has been almost wiped out from the planet’s face, but for China and Taiwan. Yes,  Mitsubishi has just re-launched the car and has christened it as “Grand Lancer.” Should this come to India? We definitely think so. Did I read that right? Yes, […]

Here are five more cars that we would love to buy if they make a comeback. Mitsubishi Lancer Mitsubishi had a great line-up in India a few years back. The Lancer was the one car that scripted the success story for the brand in the world. Mitsubishi’s poor sales network and after-sales support did not […]

Here are 5 more iconic cars that should come back to India, albeit in a much more modern form. Mitsubishi Lancer Mitsubishi Lancer scripted a great success story for the Japanese manufacturer in every market it went to. In India, the car faded away due to poor dealership network and poor service. The Lancer is […]

SX-4 The SX-4 was launched with a tagline ‘The men are back”. This meant that the car already was pretty bold and muscular to look at. This owner decided to take it to a new level though. He opted to put on a wide body kit onto the SX-4. In addition to the fenders, he […]