In the recent few years, we have seen that the number of people who explore with their vehicle is on the rise. There are many who spend a good fortune on their SUVs to make them more capable and touring friendly. We bring you ten such vehicles modified in India that should be on the […]

Here are five more expedition-ready SUVs from India Toyota Land Cruiser Prado (LJ78) This is the first generation of the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. The rugged Prado gets some extensive upgrades to make it off-road ready. The Land Cruiser gets the front bull bar, bus cutters, off-road rear bumper and roof-top lights. There is also […]

If you have been active in the automobile community, you would have heard of Pete’s. Pete’s is a tuning company that is based out of Kerala that does projects and mod jobs, for various cars. The most common being the remap. Here are 10 of the best jobs done by them: Maruti Swift This has […]

Here are the 5 remaining vehicles: Skoda Fabia The Fabia was one hatchback that gave the premium feeling. The diesel Fabia was very capable too. Here is one that has undergone a lot of mods. For starters, the car now has a body kit, new front auxiliary lights, LED DRLs, Borbet rims, a new rear […]

Luxury cars in India are priced very high, and not everyone can afford them. So, what do people here do? They simply build ‘Wannabe’ cars, where they modify everyday cars to make them look like luxury cars, at least somewhat. Most cars modified like this end up looking tacky. Here are 10 of them – […]

Here are 5 more cars that get the ‘wannabe’ treatment Lexus Camry Since both Lexus and Toyota are owned by the latter, a lot of parts are shared between the two brands. Someone took advantage of this. Here is one mod that has been very tastefully done, that shows the transformation of the previous generation […]

And we are back with another edition of India’s best modified cars. Here are 10 more such vehicles: Ford Endeavour Ever since the new Ford Endeavour has been introduced in the Indian market, it has been doing very good numbers, even beating the Fortuner for a few months. Since the new Endeavour has got good […]

Here is part-II of the story with the remaining 5 vehicles: Hyundai Elite i20 The Elite is one car that is not modified much, due to its elegant styling. Here is one that has been given a complete make over. The i20 now sports a new front bumper and grille, both of which are a […]

In India, most people have pretty loud tastes, which means the market has to cater to such demands. But what if you want your car to be more classy and understated? Here are 10 ways to make your car looks more classy: Dechrome Since India loves chrome, you do get excess of it on the […]

Brake caliper paint Painting the brake capiler and the brake drum is also a new trend that we see nowadays. This comes in handy only when you do have alloy wheels though, preferably with larger spokes so that the caliper is visible. Most high-end sports car manufacturers offer various colour options for the brake calipers […]