Skoda cars look understated yet stately. Most people modifying Skoda cars in India prefer to tinker under the hood or with the suspension rather than messing with the European lines of their cars. Some though choose to marry looks with performance, often to stunning effect. Here’s part I of India’s best modified Skodas. 240 Bhp […]

Peter Chacko’s 180 Bhp Skoda Laura Diesel [Images courtesy QuarterMile] Peter Chacko is known for doing up Skodas like nobody else in India. The Kochi based custom car builder drives a Skoda Laura Diesel, made to look like a vRS. Under the hood, power and torque has been bumped up significantly on the 2 liter […]

We are back with another edition of beautifully modified Jeeps from across India. Yes, there are quiet a few that haven’t been covered yet. Here are 10 such Jeeps. Blue MM540 This one is owned by an enthusiast who has gotten a lot of work done on the MM540, as you can see from the […]

Lynx This is a heavily modified CJ 340. It has a 2.5 liter engine under the hood, front disc brakes and rear LSD. The front and rear differentials have been replaced by those on the army MM 550. The body has been re-fabricated and there are structural changes to the vehicle as well. There is […]

The Baleno is the first premium hatchback offering from Maruti in India. The car has gained quite a market share in the country. Modifiers are already working their magics on this car. Here are six tastefully modified Baleno hatchbacks from India. Exterior options Chrome Delete Even though most of the Indian customers go gaga over […]

The Mahindra Thar is an open canvas for those who want to go crazy modifying their rides. Here’s one that takes crazy to an all new level. This Thar’s got 6 wheels but not in the layout you’d expect them to be. Built by Grizzly Customs of Pune, this Thar was developed for three main […]

Since the Mahindra Scorpio is a popular vehicle, there are a lot of modified examples from across the country. Not all are really good looking though. Here are 10 Scorpios ranging from good to the not so good: 360 Motoring This Scorpio has been done by 360 Motoring. They are a company that do a […]

Limo Since the Scorpio is so popular, there are a few people who have decided to make limos based on them. Here is one such limo that is based on the Scorpio. The front end now gets the Cadillac grill and logo upfront. What is a sore point is the headlamps, which have been borrowed […]

And we are back with yet another edition of India’s best modified vehicles. Honda Civic We have always mentioned that the Civic is a sporty car and is one that has a timeless design. Being so good looking, it has been the base car for a lot of mods. Here is an example of another […]

Maruti Gypsy The Gypsy is a very capable vehicle. Being light weight and powered by a peppy 1.3 liter engine has a lot of advantages. It takes this SUV to places where others struggle. This is also the reason why the army continues to use the Gypsy, even after two decades. This Gypsy has been […]