Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni is a car and bike nut. The man has a massive garage of exotic cars and motorcycles, among which is a Hummer H2 SUV. Dhoni and his Hummer are in a spot of trouble though. The cricketer will have to pay a hefty fine for registering his Hummer H2 as […]

From Ferraris to Lamborghinis, Porsches to Maseratis, the Indian car market has a lot of exotic cars on offer. Yet, for those who want to stand truly apart, there’s the private import route. Here are some crazy car and SUV imports of India. These imports, some of them very recent, have enough novelty value to […]

Fiat has embarked upon a new marketing campaign around its main offerings for the Indian car market – the Punto Evo, the Linea and the Avventura. This marketing campaign, aimed at enthusiasts, essentially talks about 5 compelling reasons as to why your next car should be a Fiat. We take a look at each of […]

In the crazy world we live in, modifiers sometimes try to customise cars to make them look good, but it so happens that the results are anything but beautiful. We look at some body kitted examples of otherwise nice-looking cars that now look ugly. Honda City by DC If there’s a design house which has […]

Honda Z3 BMWs once had very polarising designs, so they were either loved or outrightly hated. The Honda City ZX has one of the least polarising designs. When you mix the two, you easily get something that’s going to be hated universally. Someone might mistake it for a BMW, but all it needs is another […]

Bookings for the Isuzu D-Max V-Cross twin cab pick up truck are now open. Isuzu will launch this vehicle in the next few weeks. That said, the time to buy the D-Max V-Cross is NOW, and here’s why. 12.49 lakhs The initial batch of 100 D-Max V-Cross pick up trucks will be sold at an […]

The Honda BR-V will be launched in India, on the 5th of May 2016. With the BR-V, the Japanese automaker is finally entering the compact SUV space, an area from where it was missing for a long time. Meanwhile, here are 10 things you don’t know about Honda’s Hyundai Creta rival. 7 seats but a […]

Toyota has just launched the all-new Innova Crysta in India. Prices of the new MPV start from 13.84 lakh rupees for the base variant, going all the way up to 20.78 lakh rupees for the top-end variant. Keeping these prices in mind, the Innova is the most expensive MPV sold in India currently, and one […]

There are many things about your car that you may not know. We tell you ten things that no sales executive will tell you while selling a car. Head Rest hammer Did you know that your head rest can be used as a hammer to break the windows? Say you are stuck in your car and […]

Lifetime gear oil isn’t infinite Nowadays car manufacturers say that the transmission oil is life. That however doesn’t mean it will last the life time of the car. Like every fluid, the transmission oil’s properties also change with time as it is subjected to a heat cycle. The frequency to change the gear oil is […]