USA’s newly appointed president Donald Trump has been in the news for his wild policy decisions ever since he has taken charge. However as car enthusiasts, we have been waiting to see what his new presidential vehicle is like. It was clear that Obama’s Beast was to retire and a new vehicle was to replace […]

Yesterday a ghastly accident took place on the NH-44 that claimed three lives. The accident took place in Pamidi Mandal, about 30 kms from Anantapur. Among the deceased were the Vice Chancellor of JNTU Anantapur, his personal assistant and his driver. Now you maybe wondering why we are reporting on an accident. Your question will […]

Maruti is one company that has been at the forefront of R&D in India. While a lot of work is done in Japan, standards of the R&D in India are rising too. The company has opened a new facilty in Rohtak for their future R&D and will see a total investment of close to Rs […]

Automotive partnerships are becoming very vital to becoming successful in the markets in the modern world. While there has been news about Toyota and Suzuki may form a partnership, there might form an all new alliance. According to a report in ETAuto, Tata and Volkswagen may join hands in the future. The report says that […]

Among the 100 Mustangs that were sold out in days, a few were picked up by celebrities. Dhanush has become the latest entrant into the list of celeb Mustang owners in India. He’s gotten himself one in black, quite a rare colour for a Mustang as most people opt for red, yellow and white shades. […]

Uttar Pradesh is undergoing polling currently. This means that a lot of roadshows have been planned across the state. While most of these roadshows don’t carry much drama, one such road show in Moradabad went south really quick and resulted in the loss of a lot of property, and by that we mean a lot […]

In a bizarre incident, a young 23-year old driver entered the Andheri railway station in his car. The incident happened early Monday morning at 7:15 AM. The time is considered as peak hour, and a large number of a crowd is present at the station. No one was reportedly injured during the incident. The cops, however, […]

PAL-V, a Dutch company has come up with the world’s first commercial flying car, the Liberty. The company has opened bookings for the Liberty and deliveries are expected to commence towards the end of 2018. The Liberty is a three wheeled vehicle that has the rotors on the roof and the tail of the vehicle. […]

Tata Motors’ sub-brand TAMO would unveil its first-ever sports car, the TaMo Futoro. The new vehicle will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show on 7th of March. Now Rushlane has gone ahead and produced a digital render of the car, based on all clues that they could gather. During the announcement of the new sub-brand, Tata […]

Indian roads are known as one of the deadliest roads in the world. Giving yet another example of the same, a freak accident killed 11 people in Punjab. Here’s what happened. How did it happen? The incident happened on Ferozpur-Amritsar Highway near Zira in Ferozepur of Punjab. The family was returning from a religious fair […]