Well, he’s climbing down Lion’s Back, a sandstone ridge famous among off-roaders in the United States. The rock sits near the town of Moab in the American state of Utah. Hordes of off-roaders line up their 4X4s to attempt climbing this steep rock, and once they’re done, they turn around and come back the same […]

The Indian parliament has just passed the 2016 Motor Vehicles Act which has many new amendments. And these amendments mean that are many new ways in which you could lose your license. Section 206 of the MV act has been amended, and it now gives cops the authority to suspend a driving license for the […]

Jayem Automotives is a company that a few of you must have heard of, the reason being they were the company that were responsible for the Super Nano, Bolt Sport and other such performance oriented Tata products. They have now come into collaboration with Tata Motors to form a new JV. A new company, JT […]

Dieselgate is a term that everyone is now aware of. It was back in 2015 when it was found that VW cars (1.6 liter, 2.0 liter and 3.0 liter diesel engines) had something called a defeat device in them that gave out false emission readings. This resulted in the company incurring massive losses and having […]

Thought it was only the American president who’s car was being talked about? Think again. The Russian president Vladimir Putin is all set to take delivery of his all-new, official car later in the year. We have the first spy shots and some information about this new car. Details: The new vehicle will be known […]

We have written about this problem before. What should you do if you put the wrong fuel in your car, say diesel instead of petrol, by mistake? It has happened to many people – and a politician is the latest victim! Volvo launched their flagship SUV, the XC90 Hybrid last year. Called as the T8 […]

Last year, on the 5th of April, a 17 year old Delhi teen mowed down a 32 year old IT professional – Siddharth Sharma –¬†who was attempting to cross the road on the Civil Lines. The accused teenager, who was 4 days away from turning 18, was allegedly driving a Mercedes Benz C-Class luxury sedan […]

Traffic is something that all of us have to endure in our day-to-day lives. In India, Bangalore is among the cities where traffic is bad. While it is this traffic that we usually crib about, the same traffic actually turned out to be a life saver by foiling a terror attack. What happened? Back in […]

When a bigger vehicle hits a smaller vehicle, the smaller one usually takes most of the damage. This is how it played out when a Milk Tanker hit a Force Cruiser head-on, near Bhatinda, Punjab. The momentum of the tanker was so much that it went on to collide into a Tata Safari, overturning it. […]

Is the Tata Nano India’s first people’s car? Or is it the Maruti 800? Well, even before the 800 arrived into India way back in 1984, plenty of people’s cars were built. From Bajaj to Sipani, a lot of automakers built interesting little cars. This story is of one such car. What’s it all about? […]