Here are 5 more lounges from DC Design. Renault Duster The Duster has been very popular, changing the fortunes for Renault in India. DC came up with a very well designed lounge based on the Duster. Unlike most lounges that have only been updated on the inside, this one has received a major makeover on […]

Volkswagen Jetta This news came as a shocker to us. The Jetta which is currently the only premium car on sale from VW in India is soon going to be bid adieu to the Indian market. Why is it saying bye? The next generation of the Jetta will be based on the MQB and will […]

While carmakers and designers work days and nights to make their products successful, it’s not uncommon to come across a less than appealing vehicle every now and then. Some go on to be referred to as ‘ugly’ due to bad styling, out of proportion dimension, or even weird body kits. But that’s not to say […]

When a car is discontinued, lots of things change for it. From availability of parts to the resale value, there are many questions to be asked before purchase. So, buying a car that’s about to be discontinued is a big risk. Here are high risk cars of 2016. Force One Force Motors’ foray into the […]

Nissan Sunny The Nissan Sunny C-Segment sedan is long and luxurious, and doesn’t really deserve to sell as badly as it does. The diesel versions are very fuel efficient, while the petrols have their strengths too, especially the automatic variants. If you want limousine-like comfort in a Japanese car, the Sunny can still work for […]

Cars get discontinued regularly, and only some get replaced. Others live on, in the memories of car nuts, in dog eared car magazines, and with the rise of the world wide web, in the internet. Are all the cars that are culled, missed? Well, they would be, if they represented an era, or if they […]

Snapshot – Here are ten cars that will soon be dead. While many of these cars will be replaced by all-new models, some will be dead for good, with no replacement in sight. If you’re about to buy one of these cars, you should tread carefully, for resale values may plummet. Tata Indica Vista Our sources […]

Snapshot – Marketing blitzes notwithstanding, some cars simply fail to connect with the buyer and get moving at the hustings. Usually there isn’t anything wrong with these cars, but for the fact that they didn’t click when they were launched initially. The Indian car market simply doesn’t tolerate failures and even despite massive price cuts, […]