The Indian consumer is very picky when it comes to cars. While the market has just started to grow in the country, favorites have already been established and some very good cars have lost out due to this, for no reason of their own. Here are 10 cars that aren’t really topping the sales charts, […]

The year end is tough on all car manufacturers. After the festive season dies down, people prefer waiting for the new year to get a car. The reason behind it is that it’ll help improve resale value. But if you’re the sort who doesn’t care about that, you could get a few cars at really […]

Here are some more mass market cars available at hefty discounts. Nissan Terrano Discount: Rs. 1.55 lakh The re-badged version of the Renault Duster isn’t selling well. To grab more attention, Nissan is offering huge benefits with the Terrano. To start with there is a Rs. 1 lakh package free with the car and an […]

The Nissan Terrano is a basically a Duster beneath which has been made to look more stylish and upmarket, keeping in line with Nissan’s global SUV portfolio. But that can’t take away from the fact that it is the same underneath as the Duster. In the beginning of the year, Renault introduced an AMT version […]

The festive season is the time that sees the maximum action in the Indian car market. All manufacturers come up with their latest offerings during this period to bring people into their dealerships. This being an auspicious time, most people buy cars. Here are 10 SUVs coming our way to celebrate the festive season: Hyundai […]

Nissan Terrano AMT Price: Rs 13.50 lakhs onwards / Expected: October The Terrano is a rebadged Duster. To make the vehicle look more like Nissan’s global SUV, they have redesigned the front and rear end to make it look more premium. Like the Duster, the Terrano will soon come get an AMT. This will be […]

The festive season is round the corner. Many manufacturers are coming up with new cars and many others are planning to cash in during the festival time when most people plan to buy new cars. Here are 10 cars that have Rs. 1 lakh plus discounts on them in the market. Honda Mobilio The Honda […]

There are some famous people out there who don’t use flashy cars all the time. They like to blend into the crowd so that they aren’t harassed. Here are 8 such people. John Abraham Nissan Terrano John is the brand ambassador for Nissan. He is quite down to earth. Like Dhoni, he is also more […]

An automated manual transmission (AMT) has the mechanics of a normal manual transmission but instead of a manual clutch pedal, uses electronics to change the gears. Since the hardware is shared with a┬ámanual transmission, it allows companies to keep costs low. Here are 8 cars that are going to get an AMT soon. Renault Kwid […]

Nissan India has made a lot of changes to their Indian line up. So what’s new? Micra The Micra range has got the most significant change. Previously, the Micra came with both petrol and diesel options and the petrol had a manual and an automatic gearbox. Nissan has now dropped the petrol manual altogether. The […]